Lifting for athletic performance

Guys, I need help. My son,17, wants to start lifting to improve his performance for lacrosse. His goals are not body building or powerlifting although he does want to increase his strenght and some size wouldn’t hurt. I’ve looked through Dawg School, Limping, etc. I know he should concentrate on compound exercises: squat, dedlift, powerclean, bench, dips.

He’s a total novice. Where does he begin? How should it be put together? Full body or split routine? How many days a week? Sets/Reps? Any help would be appreciated. thanks

The John Davies interview in the current T-mag touches on this topic. Check it out.

As a fellow lax player I’m willing to help, but I’m going to need some more information. What position does he play??? Does he regularly take face-offs??? What are his goals???


Any of Ian Kings routines should work well for a strength foundation. He should also be doing some direct flexibility, agility, and speed work a couple of times a week.