Leg training for people who hate legs

With the attached weights it will be like chain shot from a pirate cannon.


I can see it now, a ricochet all over the gym. Glancing through the arms and torso of a deadlifter, whistling past the taint of a woman doing donkey kicks, bouncing off a medicine ball and bursting through the water dispenser all like some alternate reality Freak on a Leash music video.



I wonder what a whole set of these would cost from rogue

I bet Titan makes a cheaper version


But…but how do you PROGRESS?? Inserting plugs based on FEEL is silly!

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It depends on your goals. Are you going for flatulence maintenance/better buttseks, or using that pirate booty to launch a weapon?

The bigger ones could be used as an aggressive alternative to box squats.

Seeing the name rogue on it makes it at least 400 dollars :skull:


I would wait to see if they offer the ones used at the CrossFit games on a discount.

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Even a dummy like me can see this is wrong.

Pretty impressive change of direction in this one


I dunno, I’m seeing a pattern. Someone tries to be the bull in a china shop - we talk about butts, and they stop.

For what it’s worth, a metal butt plug actually makes a good improvised weapon. Especially after they see you remove it.


God damn it why is the Slim so long…

It’s for high rep sessions.

On a side note, I once worked with a guy who slept with a coworker, he got into a heated discussion and yelled “It’s not small! It’s thin!”

And that’s how Twiggy got his name.

Have you seen that scene in Everything Everywhere All at Once?

Nope, but it looks interesting.

Literally an entire martial arts + DIY butt plug fight scene. I just assumed you were referencing it based on your comment.

My girl might like them. Do they do a light up one for when she works out so people can see she is kinky

You might have a business idea. Being inside someone while they’re deadlifting was interesting.