Leg training for people who hate legs

You add weight during week 5.

That week you’ll work up to a heavy set of 6, trying to beat the weight you lifted for 6 back in week 1.

And then during week 6, you’ll work up to a heavy set of 5, trying to beat the weight you used for 5 back in week 2.

Week 7, heavy set of 4, trying to beat your set of 4 from week 3.



Makes it all worth it … doesnt it?

You’re an outlier, and maybe just not a very good athlete. High intensity of every kind boosts my performance if everything on all levels, and I start getting more energy as the workout builds.

Leg press is a squat exercise, if you know how to properly do squats.

It’s also not a big deal if it means the thing you dislike only takes 10-20 mins of every week of your life, and benefits you in almost every way.

I sure wouldn’t go that far. The leg press is a compound leg exercise that mimics the hip movement and knee movement of a squat, but the weight is on your soles of your feet and not on your back.

Once we start talking about hack squats, the lines get blurred due to the many varieties of hack squat machines. But most hack squat machines allow stabilization of your spine.

I hurt my lower back where I couldn’t squat with any reasonable amount of weight, but I could leg press totally without lower back pain and my legs grew.


Hey there new guy

I think you should do some reading before you assume you know more than everyone else in the room.

We wouldnt want you to risk looking arrogant :wink:

  1. This thread isn’t “leg training for people who hate training legs”. It is “leg training for people who hate legs”. Lousy bastards!!

  2. The name Zeno squats after you keep cutting the number of reps in half is clever. Maybe too clever. Not sure if you reach your target eventually?

  3. There are numerous machines and free weight methods to train legs. This website literally has hundreds of articles on squats, and other ways to train legs. But few of these can overcome extreme dysmorphism, or an intense dislike of limbs in general. Maybe not training them might be better…

  4. But yeesh! Just do some lousy leg presses, sprinting, five by five squats or whatever machines. Crank the music and get through it somehow.


I hate to say it, but I’m kind of jealous. If someone tried this on me, I would be so happy. Fucking dragon breath would come out.

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I used to be like that. Still am, sometimes.

Random dude shows up with no avatar calling me out?
Chances are:

  1. He cant out-squat me
  2. He looks like shit
  3. If he has a girlfriend, im capable of changing that

So i just dont bother :slightly_smiling_face:


I will spot you. Its just such a weird thing
that has ben happening.

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Just be careful of my squat plug, it gets stuck when i get nervous.

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Gluteial activation.

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I’m sitting here thinking that there’s a whole demographic that’s about to learn what a Squat Plug is.

… And chuckling about the demographic within that demographic whose about to learn how to use them.

Are weighed squat plugs a thing?

Like attach a weight to a chain and do the val salva maneuver.

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They are if you get the ones with like the fox tail, tie a knot in it and put a plate on it. Just don’t drop the weight or you might have to re set your plug.

Weighted Squat Plug Shuffles are highly recommended for flatulence retention training.

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I must be an alien, because it was the exact opposite for me. The worst I’ve ever injured my back was on the leg press, so I’ll never go on one again. I actually get a twinge of PTSD every time I walk by so generally avoid even that. I’ve never had problems on squats though.

I have never hurt my back lifting weights, but when moving to another apartment that did me in. Being young, dumb, and full of cum, I knew I was strong enough to pick up that box of books. And I was, but…

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I am also afraid of the leg press. Not because I hurt my back, but because despite however much I concentrate on bracing I still feel like it’s a hemorrhoid delivery system - a problem I simply don’t get on squats, likely because squats are so rarely done so close to failure as a leg press. Maybe I need one of those plugs talked about above.

Careful, that plug will turn into a projectile with leg press

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