Leg training for people who hate legs

What’s a leg workout for someone who hates leg training?

I hate squats but they’re the best bang for your buck, so I’m doing squats once a week, RDLs once a week, and then leg press and leg extension once a week.

I use full body workouts Monday and Friday, mostly utilizing HIT principles. I won’t go into any great detail (unless you’d like me to), but I have recently started doing a ReHIT session on Wednesdays. It’s very short, a lot of fun, and my legs have responded very well. My version is as follows:

Warm up:

  • some single leg squats, bridges, lunges, maybe 3-4 total sets of 5
  • 2 minutes jumping jacks

Sprint 1 (on a dead treadmill, “deadmill”)

  • 20 seconds


  • 3 minutes

Sprint 2 (on the deadmill)

  • 20 seconds

Cool down

  • 5 minutes on an incline treadmill, just hard enough to let my BPM slowly come down over that 5 minutes, from 130 to maybe 90.

I guess you can work your sprints up to 30 seconds, or go as low as 10 seconds and maybe do 3-4 reps instead of just 2. Seems really easy, sort of is, but I’m happy with the return on my investment.

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This is not building muscle.

Jump rope, hopscotch, kick the can, the floor is lava, musical chairs.


Post a picture of your legs… we can mock you until you want to train them properly


He didn’t read lol

Leg training for what goal?

The first question I have: Why do you hate leg training?

Most people who are good at a body part like working the body part.

The second question I have: Why are you not good at training your legs? I need specifics.

He asked for a leg workout. I gave him one. You contributed by saying something without saying anything.

The subforum is “Bigger Stronger Leaner”.
Your provided leg workout is great for making you faster and tired, but none of the above.



I hate training legs too, but for different reasons. Probably.

Squats are not the best bang for your buck for legs unless you are genetically blessed and the leverages agree with that.
For everyone else…

Priority # 1
Leg Press
Hack Squat

Priority # 2
Ham Curl
Quad Ext
Calves (any and all variants, heavy, hard sets)
Good Girls
Bad Girls

Priority # 3
Hip Thrust

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Pendulum Squat is another option for Hack Squat (Quad focus) but these seem to be a unicorn when it comes to commercial gyms…


GOAT leg piece

Honestly I’ve never even used one. Been in a couple dozen different gyms over the last 16 years now, never even seen one - so I never comment on it.

Sprinting doesn’t make you leaner, or contribute to strength or size as part of a larger program? Even peripherally? Oh.

ReHIT hasn’t contributed to fatigue levels in my experience. In fact part of the point of reduced exertion is not adding to fatigue. But okay.

Can you name one person with big muscles who uses sprints for the sake of getting bigger or stronger?

Leanness is 100% dependent on the diet.

Your HIIT* sessions don’t leave you fatigued? Sounds like you weren’t really doing the “H” part right.


IMO, OP is not in position to pick a workout solution. He needs his problem diagnosed.

These above questions need answered. Why does he hate squats? Is he just not built to do traditional back squats. I sure wasn’t. It can be fixed.

Whatever guy. It has helped me in my personal quest, and that’s why I shared. I do believe that sprinting and energy system training as a whole can contribute.

As far as ReHIT not adding to fatigue levels: 2 x 20 second sprints on a dead treadmill haven’t created excess levels of fatigue for me. I’d encourage you to try it but something tells me you already have your process dialed in to an absolutely flawless and unchanging model.

And that’s fine, I’m genuinely glad it works for you.
But it isn’t a good method for building legs. IDK why you would think this is more beneficial than what every single bodybuilder does for building legs.

This is Usain Bolt. I assume you recognize that name.
Should we use sprints for a primary leg building movements?

You should look at my log before making assumptions.

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Hold up there hoss, I did not present any of those presuppositions. I’ve only stated, and do believe, that sprinting and energy systems as a whole help in the quest of getting bigger, stronger and leaner. To what degree, I admit, I do not know, and perhaps I’m wrong that it helps at all.

To be clear;

I don’t recall ever saying that I think that.
I also didn’t know that the OP was a bodybuilder, my bad.
By the way dude, there sure is a lot of discussion in this forum about sprinting, for you to regard it as not related to “Bigger, Stronger, Leaner”. Anyways…


For what it’s worth, some of what I currently do nutrition wise is based on what I’ve seen you post in other threads. I’ll check out the log too.