Knee Injury

Guys, this evening I hurt my knee(again) when I was practicing takedowns in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s happened before in high school when I was playing hockey and it even happened once when I was golfing. It seems to happen when a force is exerted on the inside or outside of my knee (not front or back), and only happens to my left one. It’s happened about 5-6 times and my doctor checked it out and said there was no problem but obviously there is. I’m going to see a specialist soon, but I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem/what do you do to fix it? Guess I’m going to stick to upper body and extensions/curls with my right leg only cause I can’t walk very well. Sorry about long post and thank you in advance.

Possible “gimpy” crossing ligaments - Also, you could have frayed cartlidge & maybe even some bone chips floating around causing further damage to your knee. You need to have this checked - don’t try to work around it as scoping can work wonders!

I practice Hap kito and Tae Kwon Do. I had similar problems and found that the reason was I was off-balance. I had the foot planted when it occurred. I changed my form to balance out my weight more and now I do not get it anymore. Observe your stance see if you are bearing weight evenly when it occurres or if you are favoring. Also you may want to see if you are rotating on the ball of your foot. These are some ideas. The one that helped the best was to observe and pay close attention to my stance no matter what move I was in the middle of. Have you tried takning glucosamine/chondritin? That stuff could really help as well…

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Sounds like a sloppy or torn cartilage. The only correction is surgery. Had both my knees done myself due to hockey side checks and poor leg training. One thing you want to avoid is leg curls and extensions unless. Those exercises put too much pressure on knee cartilage and, in actuality, cause more leg injury in gyms than all other equipment combined.

One year ago I was competing in a jiujitsu tournament and popped my knee out fighting a knee lock, my leg was twisted outside, and to generate some space I kicked my leg straight and my knee just dislocated. It hurt but I could walk after so I didn’t think much of it. A week later I was working takedowns in class and when I planted and twisted, my knee blew out again, this hurt a hundred times worse then the original injury. To make a long story short my ACL was torn. It was hard to diagnose at first because most of the manual tests they do for ACL tears came up negative. The MRI finally showed the problem.

You should go get looked at, immediately. Every time you injure your knee you are potentially doing more damage to the other ligaments and your meniscus (if your ACL or MCL are torn, I hope you’re OK though).

I was grappling again four months after reconstructive surgery, but the whole experience was very miserable and frustrating.

Meanwhile, do not do any open chain quad exercises, especially leg extensions. Any hamstring work you can do would be very beneficial though, since these muscles take up the slack when ligaments are torn (if you’re like me you probably have very strong hamstrings already, and this is why the doctor can’t tell anything is wrong with you).

Good luck…

I think NS said it best. Go get an MRI. That sounds like your sprained or tore your ACL. And if it clicks or seems to “pop” out of place it may be your meniscus. Don’t wait go to see an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible.

Sorry about your knee. Definately get the MRI ASAP. I don’t think they can tell squat without it. I hurt my knee about 5 weeks ago. When it didn’t improve after 2 weeks, I went to the GP, Ortho Dr., chiro and ART. I had exams, x-rays, adjustments, MRI, ART. They told me the same thing…nothing wrong with the knee (Thank God) but why do I wake up with stabbing pains EVERY NIGHT at 2 a.m.??? Nothing’s wrong, right?

Now, I’m on ART, PT and tylenol with codeine. It’s getting better, but at a snails pace. Hang in there buddy.

Thanks for the resposne guys - I just went to the ortho today and he drained my knee, but it filled right back up before I left. Had xrays but no structural damage so I have MRI appointment on tuesday morning. I don’t usually try to fight leglocks - most of the time if I think my opponent has one I tap right away, not worth the injury. Go figure it happens when we’re just practicing… I did in fact have my foot planted when he threw me, probably shouldn’t have. Anyways, thanks again, wish me luck on tues!