Kidneys and Renal function

This is one is for the experts but I went to the Doctor cause I’ve been having some skin problems…very dry and very slow to heal…she took some blood and my blood work showed that my Renal are dehydrated…my kidneys are fine as of now but this could become a problem, this is the second time I tested this way…1st time was 2 months ago and I drink 2 gallons of water a day. So my Doc was looking at my workout routine and said it was way to high and that the dehydration could be linked to overtraining…anyone know is this is possible?

my current routine in 30min cardio in the morning everyday, weight train 4x a week 1-1.5 hours followed by 15 minutes of cardio. I lift one other day just for abs and forearms. My main reason for doing all the cardio is so I can consume a higher number of calories than without it.

let me tell you two stories, and perhaps they will shed light on your pradiciment…

First - My father severly injured his hand, but could function. Near the end of the healing process he went to the the Dr and asked if he could do some light activity that weekend. the Dr said yes, then as an afterthought asked what my dad wanted to do. He answered: I’m doing a triathalon, but only a short one. The Dr was amazed, he only thought my dad wanted to mow the lawn or something.

Second - I have had 13 concussions to date and suffer from severe headaches, I play rugby, though my worst concussions have not been from that. I go to my old Dr. and he says stop playing rugby. That was it, like that would magically cure me. My new Dr however wanted to know about my training habits, my diet and other things, and offered other solutions.

In both cases, the Dr’s in question were not athletes, and did not think like athletes. My new Dr. understood that I was not going to stop playing, and he needed to structure his care around that. Is your Dr an athlete? It sure doen’t sound like you’re doing anything super ‘out of wack’ your schedule seems pretty normal to me. She may think that is high volume because she has no basis for comparason, so is basing her assesment on that.

my Doc is certainly no expert with athletes, but she has worked with a few as well as seen many AS users so she does have some basis. To me my training seems fine…althought some days I do feel overtained if I do to much cardio…but I probabally wouldn’t recommend as much volume as I do to someone else…My Doc is considering that if my cortisol is constantly elevated from overtraing my body may be trying to flush extra waste, and their by dehydrating me. It didn’t sound impossible to me and I their really isn’t anything else I could imagine to be causing it.

Hi, I have a couple of nonexpert ideas: Dry skin and slow healing are symptoms of diabetes she’s already checked that out I hope. Other causes of dehydration - High sodium intake, excessive sweating (do you sauna frequently?), caffiene (supplements? lasix?),and
alchohol. Also if you are drinking that much water, your kidneys are putting out a lot of urine, and if you are inconsistent in the amount you drink daily, your kidneys may be putting out more than you take in some days. Because they have not caught up with and adjusted to your decreased intake they would be dehydrating you. See a Nephrologist (kidney specialist)if you can’t get to the bottom of this problem.
I agree with Michelle, if it was your routine, which in general is not that excessive, many more of us would have your same symptoms.