John Berardi : I need help for interpreting Lab Test Results


These are the lab test results i got from my Dr. today.
1>. Insulin random=50 pmol/L (13-149)
2>. Fasting blood sugar= 5.4 mmol/L (3.3-6.0)
3>. Cholesterol= 3.36 (2.00-4.59) mmol/L
4>. Testosterone = 14.2 (10-30) nmol/L

I just calculated the insulin sensitivity: the result is exactly 2. The pancreatic beta cell function number is 87.63. What does this mean? Should i follow the 30/40/30 nutrient ratio or the 15/50/35?
For testosterone level, i could not convert it to ng/dL… can you help me whether this is good or bad level?
Also, the cholesterol level seems normal but i am afraid because it’s toward the high end range. All other lab test results like LDL/HDL are excellent.

Please help.