John Berardi..coupla more questions

Ok John , sorry bout this but i have a few more massive eating questions. First, let me tell you what a wonderfl job ur doing with all this new info and participating in the forum, your top notch in my opinion. Ok Here we go, i’ve been stallin in the gym for a while now and i think its my diet. I lost a lot of weight but at the same time i lowered my metabolism and when trying to lose the last couple pounds my metabolism to a swan dive, kaput!. I’m 5’9 178 almost 19 yrs old. about 10 % bodyfat. I would like to get up to 190-195 before the summer,is this goal attainable? How do i go about raising my metabolism, would the added amount of food help? i’ve been stalling around 2800 cals, about 1000 too low for me. How long do u reccomend one gains weight like this before cutting?I’m getting my bloodwork done Tues to find my insulin sensitivity.Thanks alot for your help its greatly appreciated.If i could make these kinda improvements i’d be happier than Amy Fadhili’s spandex… Once again sorry about the barrage of questions but every minute a new one pops in my head.