Diet Change & John M Berardi

Questions for Mr. Berardi & Everyone else!
Ok here is the backround information you need:
April 16, 2001 at 270lbs with around 20-22%bf I started my diet.
I designed a program with the help of Bill Roberts.
Meals: 1 & 3 40g Protein, 50g carbs, 0-10g fat
Meal 2:Post Workout SURGE (3 scoops)
Meals 4 & 5 40g Protein, 1-10g Crabs, 1-10g fat.
I was always under 2,000 Calories daily.
I am on 2g Test, T3, MD-6, Clomid, etc.
After 8 weeks (present) I am 230lbs with 14-16%BF.

I was weight training 4 days per week without cardio & now I will add 1 hour a day after my workouts.

Does anyone think if I drop my carb meals & eat carbs only once a day instead of 3 (Ie: just consuming SURGE 1 time daily after workouts or cadio)
I will lose fat faster?
I’d like to finish this up in the next 8 weeks.
Thanks to everyone for contributing…

John has already ansered my question via e-mail in case anyone is wondering-he said with the fast fat loss I have expereinced I really shouldn’t change anything.
Thanks for the input Mr. Berardi!
Sometimes after dieting so long you lose your mind & think you aren’t seeing great results when you really are.
And don’t worry John I won’t ever get that fat again!