Berardi's no-diet plan, Insulin sensitivity, post-workout, etc.

I have a couple of questions that I’m sure John and others can answer:

  1. Why does insulin insensitivity “make you fat?” For example, (these numbers are arbitrary and are just meant to make a point), why is scenario (1) better than (2): (1) An insulin level of 10 shunts shit into your muscle cells, and a level of 15 starts storing things as fat. (2) An insulin level as high as 20 fills muscle cells only, and at 30 one begins to have nutrients stored as fat. It seems that if it simply takes more insulin to do any necessary work, it would take more insulin to the work we don’t want it to do.
    (2) John, your no-diet plan attempts to circumvent the respective difficulties of spending weeks dieting and spending weeks overfeeding, namely, losing muscle and turning into a fatass. Consider one option of your no-diet plan, the stagger (prot & carbs/prot & fat/…). Why is this any better? It seems that for a three or four hour span after a no-carb meal, you’re likely to be catabolic and that after a no-fat meal, you’re likely to be “getting fat.” In other words, the plan just seems to re-arrange the times at which you’re experiencing the particular disadvantages of each macronutrient profile.
    Finally, (3) I know from Gang of Five that I can get maltodextrin from a brewery supply store, what about whey hydrolysate?
    All time and info is greatly appreciated. I would’ve asked these questions in Orlando, but they occurred to me on the 2nd day time crunch.