JB, what is your preferred source for d-pinitol?

I’ve been searching the net and thus far I’ve only seen d-pinitol in products containing alot of other ingredients that I don’t want and that make the price of this supplement very expensive at the recomended dosage of 50mg/day, (somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.00/day). Is there any direction you can point me so that I can obtain and use this product, because right now it is cost prohibitive!!! Please help, I really want to try this supplement, I’ve had no trouble finding glucosol at a reasonable price.

I would try GNC. They have a product containing d-Pinitol only. I found some almost expired d-pinitol there for $.99.

What brand did you find at GNC, was it the in house brand or another?? How much was the normal price?? I’ve been searching the hell of this supplement to find a cheap source, that contains only d-pinitol, hook me up!!!

You might try a special order from either Kilosports or Beyond-a-Century, as they both specialize in bulk quantities of individual supplements. BAC is usually quite receptive about adding products to their line, so maybe you could get them started.

Do a search of the diabetes supplement web sites. They usually have some good stuff. I dont have any url’s on hand but just do a search on diabetes and supplements and you should find more than you need.

Steve M. It was the GNC brand. I bought them back in December. They where dated Jan. 2001. the regular price was 13.99, and I haven’t seen any since. That’s the only time it’s worth buying at GNC, right before the item becomes dated.