Surge + G peptides + D Pinitol

I know your answer to the lack of G peptides in surge was cost and you didn’t feel it was that much more effective - BUT, as I understand straight Glutamine is a waste of time, especially when combined with Protein as it is wasted. What do you think of a Surge user adding 5gms of peptide + 50mg of d-pinitol. It certainly can’t hurt . . .

Hey bro, have you found a source for d-pinitol??? I’ve been looking around all over for that stuff and haven’t been able to find a source that contains this ingredient alone. Could you please point me in the right direction?? Thanks!!!

I seriously doubt that Tim Patterson or John Berardi would have included L-glutamine if not effective. At least Biotest has never done anything like this with any of their other products, and I’ve used them all.

By the way, my results with Surge have been awesome – far than what I realistically expected with this type of product. Definitely better than other products of this type, as well as my home-made versions.

In response to G-Man, yeah I’m happy with Surge as well. My main concern is not putting peptides in the product was more marketing than functionality. I like Biotest products but I don’t blindly follow everything that comes out without questioning the science - hell, that’s why I like Biotest & T-mag! Also, in response to Steve, I haven’t found any straight d-pinitol sources (outside of GNC) but I think Pinnacle Insulene is promising as an alternative.

You certainly could add gln peptide but why would you do so? I think Ive discussed several times that the ratios of AA and BCAA we used were ideal for this product and alterations were either unnecessary or counterproductive. Let me explain why gln (free) was used. 1) I think it’s just as effective as gln peptide (I dont really want to argue about this…some think it isnt, but I disagree completely…and I get to choose since I was the formulator)…There are no marketing gimicks. 2) Since there is no diff in efficacy and gln tastes better and is less expensive it seemed a no brainer to use it instead. Go ahead with gln peptide if you must. But I dont think it is cost effective for you. As far as d-pintol, I think you should probably save it for other carb meals. You’re getting enough carbs into the muscle without it after training and taking surge. Save the pintol for other times during the day when carb uptake isnt so good (like when insulin sensitivity starts to decrease…i.e. about 4 hours after training and at night).