Where to find Glucosol and Inszitol For Increasing Insulin Sensitivity For Post Ketosis Recarb

I read JB’s Q and A in last weeks issue and I can find these two insulin sensitizing compounds anywhere!!! JB please lead me to the promised land!!! (or anyone else for that matter)

The Life Extension Foundation sells Glucosol.
I’m not sure about the other one.

try Glycemet by Met-RX and throw in a little extra ALA before large carb meals. Do approx. 600 mg. divided into three meals with the ALA.

A web search usually produces several hits for glucosol and inzitol…however they can be called corosolic acid and d-pintol.

John Berardi, what do you think of the supplement Insulene by Pinnacle as a source of glucosol and inzitol.

I have found glucosol, however Inzitol I cannot find in a supplement by itself, only in supplements that contain other things that I already have (ALA, Glucosol, ect), or don’t really want, and I know the compound by itself would be cheaper. Has anyone found a Inzitol only supplement???