Ok I posted this before but no re:s so here it goes.

If I shoot 4 cc´s in my right glute on friday is it ok to shoot another 4 cc´s the next day?
By ok I dont mean optimal, I mean wont cause serious health problems (abscess etc).

And - No, I can´t inject in thighs or delts because these are taken (HCG and winny EOD).

I have been told to inject no more than twice weekly in the same bodypart but no one has given me a reasonable explaination for this…

question, why are you injecting 8 cc’s in two days?? if just do it you’ll see how your butt responds after the first day right?? i’m sure you could do it without serious health problems but it’s going to hurt…

Inject 3cc’s into each glute and 1cc into each bicep. Even 3cc’s will hurt for a while but you run less risk of abscess or infection. You could also inject a little further away on the thigh than your other injections. This would allow you to split 2cc’s into each glute, 1cc into each thigh, and 1cc into each bicep.