Bill or Brock should I do this....

When is injecting to many mg’s/ml to much per site. For example: could I inject 1000mg’s in my right glute or would I have to inject twice(500 right glute/500 left glute). The reason I ask is because I want to try Bills 2 on 4 off with ttokkyo’s cyp. The only problem is that the cyp. is only 100mg’s/ml. I would think that you would need to inject more than once. Also injecting anywhere besides the glutes is out of the question until I become more expierienced.

I used to feel the same way about injecting.
However you should really rethink your situation - outher quads are easy and offer much better control than glute injections.

Nowadays I kind of like poking myself :slight_smile:

If injecting 1" or 1.5" deep, 3 cc (or 3.3
cc) is a reasonable maximum. And this should
be injected very slowly: let it take a couple
of minutes, with very slow motion of the plunger.

If injecting 1/2" deep with a 29 gauge insulin
needle, this makes available a lot more sites
(please review old posts on the subject) 1 cc
is the maximum, and at least 30 seconds should
be allowed for the injection.

Don’t forget to aspirate (pull back on the plunger) first.If you see blood entering the syringe don’t inject - you may be in a vein.
Pick another site.