Multiple daily injections

Would it be feasible, or even wise, to inject into the same bodypart several times in one day to help establish a loading dose? More to the point, could I inject 1 cc into each bicep 3 times in one day? I don’t want to inject into my glutes or quads and b/c of my short arms and wide shoulder build it would be pretty tough to inject into my delts. Or would it be a better idea to inject 1cc a day for 3 days? I’m using a long lasting steroid(primobolan) so that might be a better idea but regardless could you guys help me out?

Umm… Couldn’t you just inject 3cc’s once, into each bicep? Why stick yourself 3 times when you only have to do it once?


stick it in your ass, biceps are tricky to get right. Longer lasting high does 'roids would be better for not being a pin cusion.

(reply to randingo) No, you don’t want to
inject 3 cc in one location into a small
muscle such as the bicep. Three cc is okay
in a larger muscle and with a needle of
at least one inch in length, but with a half
inch needle or with a smaller muscle, no.

(to Will) Yes, you can inject one cc each
into three different locations of each
bicep, using a half inch needle (preferably
29 gauge.)

I was under the impression that you couldn’t inject that much into your biceps. If you know for certain that I’m wrong please tell me.

Bill, thanks but how far should I space out the injections? Is it as simple as morning, noon, and night?

Since the drugs are long acting the time makes little difference. I’d do them in the same session unless it were inconvenient. Just making sure that the sites were different, say at least an inch and a half apart (I’ve never measured, just a guess)

Thanks Bill, I’m going to try your method Sunday.