In-season ice hockey training questions

Ok, me and my coach talked tonight and we’re trying to get some weights together so my team can workout. He said I could be the one that put all the training stuff in order. I do know how to put mass on and getting cut and what not. But I want to know what would be most beneficial to a team training in mid-season? Just the big lifts like deadlift, squat, cleans, dips, chins? Appreciate any replies.

Steve F, In season weight training is a great idea. This training though is quite different, in that it should be geared towards getting you ready for the next game (as stated by Coach Davies). This means that you should not do anything which will leave you sore the next day. Leave size and strength for the off season.
Your goal should be trying to “maintain” conditioning.

Train with moderate intensity - NEVER OVER 60% OF YOUR 1 REP MAX. Train at a fast pace - NO MORE THEN 1 MIN. REST BETWEEN SETS. Also, employ medium rep ranges 6 -10. Use the “BIG” movements, but only the
ones you were proficient in before the season.
Example: Power cleans are a great movement, but not something you want to learn DURING the season (bad initial form incurred while mastering them can lead to a strained wrist, shoulder, or back).

My favorite overlooked exercise for hockey players is lunges. Do them with varied style: forward, backward, and side to side. For skaters, I like to use an
alteranate leg walking style because it mimics the skating motion. A few more favorites: Reverse-hypers are a godsend! (Can you imagine if Mario Lemiux had done these early on in his career?) Hammer curls are great for the wrist-shot. Romanian DL’s lengthen and strengthen the hamstrings and also help develop a strong and powerful butt!

P.S. - “Remember keep those elbows down!” Joey Z.