I'm Disabled, Need Guidance

So an update on my leg situation, so basically I’ve had a follow up appointment, I have nerve damage in both of my legs, aggressive arthritis in both knees, patellafemoral pain syndrome and flat feet, basically the days of lower body work are done.

So it’s looking like upper body it is, the question is I’m needing motivation for upper body training e.g disabled bodybuilding but there’s no resources out there like there is with this forum

Can anyone point me in the direction of a support network as the only idea I have for a split is this

Day 1 chest
4x12-15 Incline Bench press
3x12-15 Incline dumbbell press
2x20+ resistance band one arm flyes
1xfailure pushups

Day 2 back
4x12-15 Underhand Grip pulldown
4x12-15 Close Grip Cable rows
2x20+ Stiff Arm pulldown
3x12-15 Wide Grip Cable rows
3x12 snatch grip Shrugs

Day 3 - Shoulders & Arms
1x50 banded side laterals (seated)
3x15-20 side lateral raises
3xfailure trx facepulls/t flyes
3x10 dumbbell overhead press (preexhausted)
3x12 barbell Curls
3x12 Hammer Curls
3x25 tricep pushdown

Day 4 off

Day 5 full body
3x10 dumbbell bench press
3x10 trx rows
2x20 decline banded flyes
2x12-15 one arm Landmine Row
2x10 Dumbbell curl
2x20 banded side laterals
2x20 tricep pushdown

I do abs daily and I follow a progressive overload style whether reps or weight or double progression, goal is bodybuilding

I also train at home

There is a guy in the training journal section who is in a wheel chair and competes in power lifting. He might have more info for you, dudes a beast

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Whats his name?

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Hey bud, I’ll be happy to try and answer any questions you have. I’ve been in a wheelchair for 2yrs now

Thankyou for your response, what would be efficient in my situation would you say? I wouldnt know how to make it into a push pull or other routine without overtraining

was also thinking of this due to my disability which prevents me from training my lower half which includes nerve damage, I’m having to explore territories that are odd, so now when I look for a routine to suit my needs I have to make sure when I remove legs/lower days, I’m not waiting too long between sessions, and also have to adapt exercises for me so im still able to build muscle.

My next cycle is the picture which is basically an upper lower push pull legs but without the lower/legs which is reminiscent of fierce 5’s 5 day routine

I do feel abit lost at times as I know that my lower half will atrophy but im trying to learn to accept my condition as is and that it doesn’t make me less of a man because I cant do legs

I do Mon/Wed/Fri and I do full upper body each day, which with powerlifting I’m probably not doing as much volume with each body part as you would be doing bodybuilding training.

I also have severe nerve pain in my legs from where I broke my back and injured my spinal cord

I still actually do lower body stuff here and there to try and at least persevere my lower muscles. And do seated deadlifts from time to time

You could try this
Mon- Push
Wed- Pull
Fri- full upper with 1 or 2 light exercises for each muscle for a pump

Or a Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri using a push pull routine. And alternate heavy and light days

I hope this helps some

Thankyou so the first part of push pull upper is same as mine but if i do push pull push pull 4 days can i still to the same exercises or fo i need to change them so each session is different?

I go by feel, but I do different exercises each day. So go by whatever you feel that you may need