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Jason, you seem like a pretty intelligent guy. Completely ignorant, but intelligent. You obviously devote a lot of time to hate-mongering. Do you ever wonder what you might be able to accomplish if you directed your energies elsewhere, you ignorant racist fuck? a)Why are you here? b)I don’t know the history behind all of this bullshit being on this board, but let me guess: you started it. Just fucking go away. That’s about all I have to say and I’m already disappointed in myself for having wasted 60 seconds of my time on this bullshit.

Hey…wait a minute…there’s no SANTA CLAUSE??? :(–!!!

I agree with boxer.Hitler and many high ranking nazis had Jewish origins.(What’s a little holocaust among friends?)
As far as I’m concerned Judaism and Nazism are
two sides of the same coin.I want no part of either.

Jason, have you ever read “March of the Titans” (used to be called “Europa”)?

one more thing jason… the Talmud is written in aramaic and hebrew and I tend to doubt you read or speak either of them. So automatically we can assuem you ddint look any of this up but just got it off some racist internet site. ofcourse you could tell me that you got your hands on a translated version. ofcourse that would be intresting since i dont think i ever saw one that made any sense. most translations of the talmud are herendous to say the least… ever see michelangelos panting of mosses with the ten comandments and horns on his head… jews dont have horns… michelangelos just read the words wrong … just as you could be doign the same…

Jason baby welcome back! Unlike others in this board I’m very entertained by your posts. I have a problem though. How could an intelligent person like you, living in the 21st century, still believe in the myth that Jesus existed? Outside of the gospels, which are full of errors and contradictions, there is not a single contemporary corraboration of the events described in them. Man you need to refocus your haranges.


I won’t waste too much of my time presenting facts to
someone who is so intellectually handicapped that he can’t
possibly accept the truth for what it is.

By his own admission in the other TMAG forum,
Jason Baran is under psychiatric care for
a manic depressive/schizoid type illness.

He is currently taking Lithium, Klonopin and

This is EXACTLY what he posted in the other forum.

So obviously, seeing that he is a bona fide
fruit loop, one might see past and excuse
his paranoid rantings and ravings.

It is beyond his control, he can’t help himself
and what he wants to do more than anything
else is to turn this forum into a poor excuse
for a debate on religion and race.

I suggest we NOT give him what he wants.

There are about 14,000,000 Jews in the world and to say that Judaism is about what one or two men are claimed to author in some obscure book is like saying all Germans are Nazi's, all African Americans hate Caucasians, all women hate men, etc.

Any person with half a brain and any common
sense can see what Jason is trying to do.

"Jew X" wrote whatever therefore it is how all Jews think.

Gentiles and Jews alike have assholes that
claim membership to their groups.

Jason is looking for an excuse to hate because
he is a xenophobic jerk off looking for
someone else to blame his own failings on.

After all, it couldn’t be his own fault that
he is a replete failure and mental case right?

Must be those dirty Jews who did this to him!!!

Additionally, since I study Judaic (as well as New Testament) scripture in Hebrew (as well as Aramaic and Greek) and I study the actually documents, I think I am a little better qualified to give exegetical commentary than Jason is (Funk & Wagners Encyclopedia??? LMAO...do you know some encyclopedias today don't even have Israel listed as country? Guess an obscure early 21st Century encyclopedia is the be all and end all of sources, eh?

I have suggested that Mr. Baran either go to the library and review Talmud for himself or buy a set (The Soncino edition is a good set for neophytes).

In addition to being a manic depressive
schizophrenic, it appear Mr. Baran is a
necrophiliac as it seems almost all of his
misquotes have to do with the ritual impurity
of a Jew who comes into contact with a dead
Jewish body. This has NOTHING to do with
Gentiles whatsoever. It has to
do with an ancient practice, as in
wondering in the desert for 40 years with
Aaron and Moses type ancient practice.

I am a kohen. As a member of the Korahite Levite tribe, I am prohibited from entering a Jewish cemetary unless it is to bury my parents, sibling, wife or children.

Thus says the law. The law also says I can’t enter a non-Jewish cemetary either.

I don’t see how that means Jews don’t think
non-Jews are not human.

If anything, this was more of an omission or
oversight as the original law has to to with
impurity in the desert camps and all the
people in the camps were Jews!!! So there
was no reason to write burial law for non-Jews!!!

How does this burial issue matter? Well for example, when the Moshiach comes to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, he is to be a commoner (not a Kohen or Levite) and a direct descendent of King David (Moshiach ben David). He could enter a cemetary however, the herald of the Messiah, Elijiah, is a kohen and he can't enter a cemetary without being ritually impure. Elijiah and then the Messiah will enter the Temple from the East. However, the Palestinians (actually, the Wakf) build a Moslem cemetary on the East side of the Temple Mount so there is no way Elijiah can enter it now and thus, there is no way the Messiah can come until the cemetary is moved. This was of course a deliverate ploy by the Palestinians, but I digress (and I don't hate all Palestinians either, just their criminal leader Arafat and some of the other terrorists...I am sure 99% of Palestinians are good people and are not inclined to suicide bombings)....anyhow, back to nutboy...

Jason will never really check the original source documents because then the truth will be revealed and his fragile little fantasy world will crumble and he will be left with no reason to exist.

Why does he hate me? I know not, especially
since it is obvious that these “opinions”
he claims all Jews universally hold are not
opinions that I hold or anyone else that
I know holds.

Let him be and leave him alone.

He is craving attention and we’re giving it
to him.

Ignore him and he will find an alternate venue
to preach his garbage.

Besides, he is not a true Christian anyhow. He is violating so many of the tenets and dogmas that Jesus preached that when he dies and he is to be judged, he will have quite a but of explaining to do lest he end up spending quite a bit of time with Lucifer, Antichrist and the Beast in the lake of fire (or so sayeth John the Revelator).

I’ll send you a postcard, Jason.


–Brock Strasser

“Baruch ben David haKohen”

Jason – from your first post, you seemed very intelligent. The second post that you directed at me made me realize that you are not a particularly smart individual just a sadly troubled one, educated by nothing but TV shows and Klan websites. You are just simply looking for attention. You are probably still a virgin. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew you say? Well I say a T-man is a T-man is a T-man, and you my friend are very far from being one.


Shalom, --Brock Strasser “Baruch ben David haKohen”

goodbye,-- brock strasser " bless the son of david the kohen

traslated for all the ones that dont read hebrew... wow brock i'm impressed.. have a nice day:)

Wow, I’m taken aback by all the intelligent rebuttals. “Ignorant racist fuck” “fruit loop” “manic-deressive schizophrenic” “Nazi” and more outright lies and obfuscations from Brock. The ironic thing is that the Jews are the most hatefilled “xenophoboc” people on earth. Not only that, they are COLLECTIVELY insane! They have the classic symptoms of paranoid psychosis: delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution. The believe they are a “Chosen People” who are forever being “Persecuted.” Talk about nutcases! Why do the Jews hate us so much? Because they are psychotic Luciferians who are guilty of Deicide, that’s why. Regarding what the Jewish religion teaches, read Shahak and get the FACTS. All the Jewish venom, name calling, and insults in the world will not change the FACT that Judaism is the most violent, hate-filled, evil “religion” on the face of the earth. I’ll leave you with this thought: “Who is a liar?, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father. He that confesseth the Son, hath the Father also.” (1 John 2:22-23)

In Christo et Maria,
Jason R Baran

“The Messiah, Jesus Christ, strongly attacked virtually every tenet of the evil Jewish religion” Jason, Jesus was Jewish. I seriously doubt he said ANYTHING negative about the Jews. In fact, he prayed for them when he was dieing - ‘forgive them Father, for they know not what they do’ yeah now THAT sounds like he hated them! Think before you shoot your mouth off.

ok let me chime in here, for the most part, i believe what Brock wrote. However, his analogy is erroneous and it needs to be addressed. Brock said that all Jews hate non jews is like, "all Germans are Nazi’s, all African Americans hate Caucasians, all women hate men, etc. " The problem here, that i see blurred all the time is the comparison of Faith and genetics/herritance. It almost seems to me that Brock is saying that Judaism is a culture (which it is to some extent, but maybe shouldn’t be), and he is saying it is not a faith. People born men are men, people borne white are white, black are black, and German are German. Nazism was a class of beliefs, not a specific herritance, much like Judaism is, afterall it is a religion right? So, Brock’s analogy maybe should have been that ‘saying all Jews hate non-Jews is like saying all Nazis hated jews.’ While not every Nazi there ever was may have hated Jews, it was provided in there belief system (and the hate was quite apparent in-- howabout the holocaust). Finally that is exactly what Jason alleges, that all jews hate non-jews, because it is part of their belief system, similar to the case with the Nazis. But here i tend to side with Brock especially since Jason cannot and will not source any first hand original material for backup. Sorry, i can’t stand bad analogies.

Well, I just woke up, it is one in the morning, and I just woke up! However, I quickly skimmed through my above post and besides the occassional and yet forgivable spelling errors there was one mistype that begged to be corrected. When I wrote:

“You look at the information and in your opinion, which is in a sense related to how you interpret that information, it is a fact. So in essence it is indeed a fact.” I bet you already know where the grave error lies, don’t you? I meant to say that in essence it is indeed an OPINION…not a fact!!! Well, off to breakfast!!!

Jason, I would like to hear your response to my above long post. Read it, and if you comprehend it respond to it. I am more than interested to see what words will comprise your response.

This is the last time I am going to comment on
this as a protracted, lengthy diatribe is
just what Jason “Mr. Mental” Baran desires.

I am a Jew, born and raised. Judaism has always preached that one does not have to be a Jew to be close to God (e.g. go to Heaven). This is pretty clear in the Book of Numbers. Even a pagan worshipping idols has a place in the next world if that person is moral, fair and just.

So a religion that preaches this really can’t
“hate” other religions too much now can it?

As for the “Chosen People” quip that Baran
refers to, this is perhaps the most
misinterpreted line in religious history.

When the Messiah comes, he will usher in a
period of peace and unite the Jews in the
Diaspora. To quote the prophet Isaiah,
“Nation shall not lift up sword against nation
nor shall there be war anymore”.

At this point in time, Jews will take the
“Chosen People” role, we will become a nation
of teachers to try to help heal the world
(not a whole lot different than Christian
Missionarys now). We are “chosen” to help
heal the world and help others heal the world.
Because for a Jew, the world is not complete
yet, it is only completed by the hand of man.

I am a Jew. I do not hate non-Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist, whatever.

If I may remind Jason of Jesus’ words
(I think this comes out of Hebrews but I am
not sure as I do not have a New Testament
Bible in front of me), “let him who is
without sin cast the first stone”.

Before you criticize me (or Jews) perhaps
you should genuflect upon your own sins, Jason.

I don’t believe Jesus was the Messiah and I
never will because of my intepretation of
the prophecies of Daniel, Isaiah and
Hosea. If others think Jesus was the Messiah
than I have no problem with that, if that
brings you peace and makes you a better and
stronger person than I am not in a position
to judge (and remember, being a good and just
person is the key to receiving God’s kingdom
in the next world).

Additionally, I addressed Baran's initial hate filled letter quite well here at TMAG.

If I felt there was one iota of evidence that
Jason could be truthful and perhaps eventually
come to realize that the writings of one
Jew (especially some obscure one) does not
make all Jews I would enthusiastically debate
him and show him the errors of his ways.

But the boy is plagued by demons, by mental
illness requiring the use of the strongest
medication and he is, at least IMHO, beyond
hope due to chemical imbalances in his brain.
I can’t “convince” a serotonin, norepinephrine,
and dopamine imbalance it is wrong, I can’t
make a paranoid person (oh the Jews are
coming to get me) that the paranoia is a
figment of his imagination when it probably
seems as real as the day is long to Jason.

He can’t admit that he wants to hate and that
without his hate he is nothing, he has nothing
and will be forced to look at his vapid,
shell-like, hollow existence and conclude he
will always be nothing.

This hate feeds him and provides him with
a reason, a cause, something to help him
carry on.

It's easy to cruise white supremacist web sites and glean the one dimensional and untrue rubbish they spate forth.

He’ll never pull the originating documents
to see for himself because it would cause
his world to come down.

You see, deep down inside, Jason knows I am
100% correct and this infuriates him.

Deep down inside, he knows that he can never
be good enough, kind enough or righteous
enough. So like the Morning Star he has
fallen and now shuts out the true meaning
of the words of his Messiah (Jesus).

According to his own religion, he will
burn for his sins because he is unrepentant.

He also fails to realize that his religion is a direct descendent of mine and his bible is very similar to mine.

I am washing my hands of Jason Baran now.
I wish him no ill will and will pray to
Hashem that this cursed illness of his be




Michelle: Jesus speaking to the Jews: “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof. But if I say the truth, you believe me not. Which of you shall convince me of sin? If I say the truth to you, why do you not believe me? He that is of God, heareth the words of God. Therefore you hear them not, because you are not of God. The Jews therefore answered, and said to him: Do not we say well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil? Jesus answered: I have not a devil: but I honour my Father, and you have dishonoured me.”
(St. John 8:44-49) Also, Jesus ridiculed and nullified all of the insane man-made Jewish judicial laws. According to Jesus, we don’t really have to live in terror that the cook at the local eatery will spike our food with pork. We don’t have to live in fear of bumping into a menstruating woman. We won’t get stoned to death for changing a flat tire or saving our livestock on the Sabbath day. Christ nullified all of that Jewish insanity. Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true man. Pax tecum, Jason R Baran

T-Teen, your long post is nothing but a marvel of obfuscation and irrelevant drivel. I have no interest in it, I’m not impressed by it, and I have no intention of responding to it.

This message is not for Jason Baran because I
can do nothing for him. He is not the first
mentally ill person to think he is on a mission
from God and that his path is the “one true
path”. Speak to mental health workers and
you’ll soon realize that a cadre of mentally
ill people think they are divine or are
divinely inspired or are on a divine quest.

Rather my message is for all of you who are sane and perhaps a bit naive and want to believe Mr. Baran's venom.

Ponder this:

Mr. Baran accuses Jews of “deicide” but my
God is not mortal, he is all powerful and
all knowing and surely no mortal man could
destroy or even remotely injure the one true
God. But if we say, for the sake of
arguement, that Jesus was divine, and we
follow Christian scripture, Jesus had
to die. He died for your sins and with his
death the world was cleansed and given a second
chance, correct? If this is true, then
Christians would thank those who killed Jesus.

But this is not relevant because the Jews did
not kill him. The pagan Romans did. Judaism
views crucifixion as cruel and inhuman and
Jews would have never crucified even the
worst heretic or graven murderer.

Additionally, capital punishment is anathema to Judaism and requires a lengthy trial and at least two eye witnesses and not only that but the perp must have been verbally warned before he was about to commit the crime that his actions might warrant the death penalty.

At the time of Jesus’s crucifixion, it was
approaching the Passover holiday. The
holy San Hedrin (Jewish court) would not
have been in session and could not have ruled
on Jesus’s case at the time he was put to

The Pharisees may not have liked him but they
could not have killed him.

And not all Jews are Pharisitic!!!

At the time, there were other Judaic groups, including the Essenes and Saduccees (priests).

You can’t have it both ways, if you think the Jews killed
Jesus and he had to die for your sins then
you can’t bemoan the Jews.

This country (USA) was founded and predicated
upon Judaic (Talmudic) law. And this country
would never have been if there was no Jews as
Haym Soloman personally financed much of the
Revolutionary War (and was personally thanked
and commended by Washington and Madison).
So we could live free, Soloman died a pauper.

Additionally, according to Christian
scripture, killing or persecuting Jews would
be a sin and would be doing the Devil’s

Satan will stop at nothing to erode God’s
plan. Yes, according to Christian literature,
Satan loses in the end, after the Rapture,
there is a 7 year Tribulation, Satan is then
locked in the pit for 1,000 years at which
time he has to be released for a little while,
then comes the Gog and Magog uprising and
finally Satan loses.

But despite all this, Satan keeps trying and
he knows that the Messiah (1st coming for
Jews, 2nd for Christians) must be from
the line of David (must be a Jew, must rebuild
the temple, etc {see Isaiah for more info}).
So if Satan persecutes and tries to destroy
the Jews, there might not be any left and then
the Messiah can’t come. Additionally,
Christian scripture teaches us that
144,000 thousand Jews (12,000 from each
tribe) must convert to Christianity during
the Tribulation and preach to the world.
There are less than 100,000 kohanim in the
world. There must be at least 12,000
of us at the due time or else the
prophecy won’t come true. Satan doesn’t
want it to come true. Proselytizing and
converting and killing Jews is a sure fire
way to prevent the coming of God’s kingdom
on Earth. This is from Christian and NOT
Judaic scripture!!!

No religion is an island, there is no
monopoly on holiness. God loves all of us
who serve him. We can attempt to thwart
each other and we can hate. Or we can
embrace and love one another.

To quote those trendy little bracelets, 'WWJD'???

Jesus was supposed to be the Prince of
Peace. Would he condone making war on
others for theological reasons?

I’ll end this with the Birkhat haKohanim,
the Priestly Benediction from the Book
of Numbers for all my fellow TMAG’ers,

Yivahrechecha adonai v’yishmarecha
(May the Lord bless you and protect you)

Y’ayer adonai panav aylecha veechoonecha
(May the Lord show you favor and be gracious to you)

Yeesah adonai panav aylecha v'yasaym l'cha shalom (May the Lord show you kindness and grant you peace).


I think what’s tricky about Nazism and antisemitism is that its hard for adherents to reverse their opinions, seeing that they will have to bear the tremendous shame of having devoted their thoughts, their energies and their identity to preaching a horrible evil. They must admit to themselves that in this world with all its problems, for some time they not only did not contribute to the solutions but in fact were at the center of what’s wrong. What starts out as peverse reaction against the moral status quo quickly roots itself in the person as pride.

The Biblical idea of the Chosen People cannot be accused of elitism, since anyone can convert and become a member. The idea that non-adherents do not go to hell (as in John 14:6--"I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."), and consequently that converting by force or duress is not an act of rescue is, I think, a good feature of Judaism. Brian

P.S. Does anyone know any good exercises for increasing the size of one’s pecs?