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Hi all,

I’m back! Bet you all missed me, huh? LOL! I was a bit upset that the T-mag staffers didn’t post my rebuttal to Brock on testosterone reader mail. But I got to thinking, the T-mag staffers had to let Brock win the argument by letting him have the last word because they know the guy. Understandable. I’ve been preaching the truth elsewhere. I’m still using Androsol, but I’ve been buying it through your distributors. Well, just thought I’d stick my head in and say hi.

Pax vobiscum,
Jason R Baran

Man, even I’m not right all of the time. That’s saying a lot too. I’d like to hear your rebuttal, inspite of how much I will probably disagree.

Well beannog, we are talking about facts not opinion, so it’s not about agree/disagree. Brock LIED. He claimed that the Talmud did not teach Jews to hate non-Jews. That’s simply not true. The Talmud teaches that Jews are human beings, and that non-Jews are beasts. You can check this out for yourself in the 1907 edition of Funk&Wagnall’s Jewish Encyclopedia. Also, Israel Shahak, who is a Jew himself by the way, wrote a book called “Jewish History, Jewish Religion.” In this book, Mr. Shahak confirms everything I am saying. He wrote the book because he was so disgusted with what his “religion” teaches. Also, if the moderators are going to allow this dialogue, I will post an excerpt from a sermon given by a prominent orthodox Rabbi. In the sermon the Rabbi teaches, based on the Talmud, that non-Jews only have the outward appearance of human beings and that non-Jewish souls come from three satanic spheres. I’ll post the excerpt later. It’s frightening to know that people with these beliefs control our media and our government. It explains what is wrong with our rapidly decaying society.

hey jason… whats your obssesion with the jewish people??? i think you are just jelous that they have such a rich culture that dates back thousands of years and you are just white trash… levae poor brock alone he has better things to do then have silly arguments with you… like design kick ass suplements for the rest of us:)

Hey Jason, why don’t you just go fuck yourself and stay off of the forum for good. Noboby wants to hear your bullshit, so don’t even bother putting it on this forum.

Jason, I understand your take on this subject. But now, you must understand this. Most jews are NOT orthodox. They belong to groups called “reform”, or “conservative”. Me, being a member of a reform synagogue, can honestly tell you that these types of sermons are not preached. I, too, disagree with the methodologies of the orthodox jews. But you must not label them as the WHOLE group of jews. The orthodox make up a VERY small fraction of the jews as a whole. I can also tell you this, with all the disagreements between the orthodox and the reform/conservatives, the orthodox are now starting to consider themselves a different religion altogether.


Lay off. It’s messed up to ask him to post the rebuttal and then tell him to f-off.

My faith teaches to seek out those who have found a truth.
But to run like hell from he who has found THE truth!

Hey there T-brother. Ive gotta say that given that the board is called “testosterone” Id have trouble seeing any place for preaching of any negative kind let alone racism. Sex yes, fighting maybe, but not this stuff. I admit that I find your assertions mildly interesting but even assuming that you are right on all counts (for the purpose of discussion) I dont see where I gets you or us - Id still try to love them and forgive them cause its healthier for my soul (not to mention that its probably the correct christian response). Ultimately I think its better for all of us to be light on your feet than dwell on negativitiy. Hate and anger are negative emotions and slander is bad for the the slanderer spiritually (if not a sin of sorts). WWTMD if all you said were true - Im sure he wouldnt give it a thought nor would he give a fuck how he was labled by any person race or religion unless it affected his persional liberty materially. Having said all that, I am interested in why you are so concerned about this and feel the need to preach it here and whether you have any belief or religion.

Racists like him only give the forum and the Testosterone website a bad name. Don’t encourage this character any further.

Here is an excerpt from the Rabbi’s sermon:
“The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of a member of any other nation of the world . . . . The Jewish body looks as if in substance it were similar to the bodies of non-Jews, but . . . the bodies only seem to be similar in material substance, outward look, and superficial quality. The difference of the inner quality, however, is so great that the bodies should be considered as completely different species. This is the reason why the Talmud states
that there is an halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews. . . . Their bodies are in vain. . . . An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist. A non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul comes from holiness.” (Rabbi Manechem Mendal Schneerson)

Andrew S., you ought to go to night school and learn how to spell. Then come back and write to me when you know how.

This is going to be interesting…

Mr. Beefy, do you kiss your mother with that filthy mouth?

FootSoldier, a Jew is a Jew is a Jew. Even Jewish athiests can emigrate to Israel as long as they have a Jewish mother. The only Jews who are not allowed to emigrate under “The Law of Return” are Jews who believe in the Divinity of Jesus Christ. If you worship the Holy Trinity, the one true God, it doesn’t matter who your mother is; you don’t get Israeli citizenship unless you renounce Christ and the Holy Ghost. Moreover, all Jews are united in the effort to demoralize non-Jewish nations; and to push racial mixing so that the Gentile races will be so busy fighting each other, that we won’t see who THE REAL ENEMY IS! That way, the Jews will be the only ones with racial dignity and solidarity; and the Jews can then rule the Gentile nations unopposed as the Talmud dictates.

Patty, some people just don’t want to hear the truth because it shakes their whole view of reality. It’s kind of like the reaction we all had as children when we learned that there was no Santa Claus. People don’t want to think about the fact that Judaism lacks everything that makes a religion a religion. Every religion focuses on preparation for the afterlife - except Judaism. Every religion seeks converts - except Judaism. Judaism is a “religion” of self-worship and worldliness. In other words, it’s the religion of the Devil. The Messiah, Jesus Christ, strongly attacked virtually every tenet of the evil Jewish religion, that’s why the Jews handed Him over to the heathens to be crucified. Pontius Pilate did not want to crucify Jesus, so the Jews said this to put Pilate’s mind at ease, “May his blood be upon us and our children.” That’s the Gospel truth - literally.

Jason, how are you? Good I hope. Well, just so you know, my name is Mike and I am going to give you my opinion on the situation (actually your situation and I normally don’t like to get involved with other people’s situations save the fact that you are causing a lot of turmoil on this forum whether or not you like it and many of my fellow T-Men are beginning to become very upset) and I hope you don’t write back to me or anyone using any foul words. I am 17 and it is not like I am afraid mother is going to spank me and then put me to sleep with a baby bottle for using them, and frankly words like Fuck and Shit can be damn fun at times, but not when it is directed at someone, especially during conversation in which there are two parties with opposing or varied thoughts/beliefs. My purpose for saying this is because using phrases like “Fuck You” or “Suck my Dick” will serve only to make you look like an ignorant person, and in the very worst case you might get what you say, for example, a dick suck (Don’t use this as an excuse to go off on me, it is a harmless joke and nothing personal was directed against you)!

Now why, you may ask am I very specific about what I mean to say? Well, I understand that many times people interpret words in the wrong way and it does nothing to better the situation. Why, you may also ask, am I being very polite and odd (like, say, calling what some people might see as an argument as two parites with opposing or varied thoughts/beliefs)? To answer what you may ask, I am a nice guy and on top of that I am the most open-minded person in the world (actually, my open-mindedness tells me I may only rank in the top ten!).

Okay, enough of the bullshit (Again, I am conveying the message to you that I am not planning on becoming a pope by hoping you won’t write back using foul language…I believe TC himself mentioned deeds are dirty, not words, and directing so-called dirty words against someone is a very very dirty deed!), I am going to give you my opinion (and yes, it is just that, my opinion) on your above statement, which is the only one as of this time (meaning you might send in another message before me).

First and foremost, we are talking about opinion. Yes, it is about agree/disagree. Let me ask you: What makes you so sure it is a fact? You look at the information and in your opinion, which is in a sense related to how you interpret that information, it is a fact. So in essence it is indeed a fact. Another individual might look at the same information that you accumulated throughout the years (the same information that have led to your beliefs) and might hold them to be inaccurate. Therefore they disagree with it. Of course, this is also an opinion. Who is right? I would say the person who disagrees, but then again, that is my opinion. “One can only be sure in their own mind” is a quote by a good teen named Mike, and it applies here. Also, remember that the word ‘information’ is very vague in that it might also refer to thoughts or expressions, among other things.

Secondly, you mention that "the Talmud teaches that Jews are human beings, and that non-Jews are beasts" and that I can check this out for myself "in the 1907 edition of Funk&Wagnall's Jewish Encyclopedia." It is my advice that you should not use second-hand information to present your information. Now, the Talmud may or may not teach that, but that is besides my point. My point is to make sure you refer to the actual source. After all, what better source than that? This just ensures you are regarded as reliable and authoritative. And in the business world, using secondary information is definately not respectable. In this case, you don't know what the intention of the authors of the encyclopedia were, if politics at the time and place had anything to do with what words landed (I don't exactly mean landed, as in landed on the moon, but then again when someone calls another person an asshole they certainly don't believe they are talking to a big hole that a 200 lb. shit falls out of) on the pages, or whether or not the authors themselves used second-hand information, which brings the dilemma around in a circle on the validity of that particular third-hand info. Please keep in mind that these are just three examples I gave to present my point and that there might be millions of other reasons why you should refer to the Talmud instead of the 1907 edition of Funk&Wagnall's Jewish Encyclopedia.

You then go on to state that a Jew himself confirms everything you are saying. Now my case is closed. You have a point and I find myself agreeing with you. I appreciate your time and energy and apologize for any inconveniences. No, actually, that means absolutely nothing. One, assuming you are a great reader and interpreted the author correctly and didn’t use indirect reference, it is one person’s opinion and surely not the done, there, point proven, everyone hate Jews, go home, end-all. Two, the man himself might be confused. You never know, a trip to the doctor’s office and a few doses of certain medicine can do wonderful miracles! Three, he might have been ((I say might have been, which is past-tense, because for all I know the book “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” might have been published in 1907, almost an entire century ago (I said might & almost)) be a “true” Jew. Four, there is a possibility the man called himself a Jew only because his parents were or his parent’s parents (grandparents) were Jew, and Mr. Shahak may have never been a practicing Jew. I can make many more points but I have made enough and it is almost 2 in the morning and I am extremely tired. Let me make one more point: Israel Shahak may have been a “true” Jew and may have understood everything about the religion and maybe he saw what others didn’t. In other words, Jason, you may be right. Of course, you never know with those men who follow and practice the very religion that disgusts them.

About the sermon given by a prominent orthodox Jew (prominent by whose point of view and standard?), well, Footsoldier did a great job of explaning that one. I would've disqualified this point by methods that differ from that of Footsoldier's because I personally don't know enough about the different sects that constitute the Jewish religion to use it effectively and justly. This brings me to my next point: I am not even Jewish! Believe it or not, I have nothing to do with the religion. I am defending a religion I know almost nothing about with universal logic (not universal in that everyone in the universe can comprehend the logic but universal in that the logic can be applied to all situations to prove or disprove it from a basic glance)! Like I said, I am very open-minded! I know Jewish people who are amazing and Jewish people who are not-so-amazing. The same goes for the many Christian and Muslim people I know. You see, Jason, in most situations the problem is not the religion but the individual themselves, because in every religion you will find good people and not-so-good people. It is these not-so-good people you should be frightened of, not Jewish people. A person with your mindset may (or may not) claim Christians are fucked up because in the "old" days they would kill you if you were not Christian (this person might be frightened by the idea). They would argue that if someone is such an extreme Christian that they must kill someone for not being Christian, then why in the hell are they breaking one of the immortal Ten Commandments, which are fundamental Christian principles! So all Christians are fucked up, the religion is stupid, it doesn't make sense, and so they are now going to be responsible for our downfall. Another person with your mindset may (or may not) be that all Muslims are crazy shitheads because the Talibans are selling opium to garner enough profit to fuel the Muslim takeover of the planet. But it says in the Koran that Muslims should not take drugs and they are selling it! So the person with this mindset would conclude that all Muslims are crazy shitheads and that maybe, just maybe, they will take over the world. Not once will it occur to this person that the Talibans are a small group of extreme Muslims fanatics that have megalomanic purposes other than religious control. There is, believe it or not, a definition to the word extreme.

Jason, prejudice is fear. We all have fears as human beings, and it is a fact that we all have prejudices, to a lesser or greater degree, whether that prejudice is for a white person or a black person or a religion or character traits on people. However, and I am sad to say this, you appear to have a lot of fear. You even verified this with the following: "It's frightening to know that people with these beliefs control our media and our government." Listen, life is too short to have so much hate. Before you know it it is over. Now I know this sounds funny coming from the mouth of a 17 year old, but its nonetheless true. If you are a Christian and believe you are going to heaven, remember that simply accepting Jesus Christ is not enough to go to heaven. You have to love him and if you love him you will love all human beings as those made in God's image, regardless of their beliefs. Believe me, I go to a Christian school and I pay attention in Bible Class, so it would suffice for me to say I would know. Of course, I never said I was a Christian. Just because I could to a Christian school doesn't mean I'm a Christian. Many non-Christian parents put their kids in Christian schools because they are private schools. Additionally, I never said I wasn't, either. What I choose to believe is irrelevant here. This is about human love and respect. Jason, prejudice is learned and therefore it can be unlearned. I would highly recommend it, even though I know the odds are you believe you are right and nothing I can say or do can change that (you actually might be right but why choose to relish with those thoughts that will only accomplish in bringing your pulse rate up and send your cortisol levels skyrocketing and shoot your blood pressure through the sky). I'll do my best because I care. I want you to enjoy your life and live free from hate and fear. After all, Jason, you will one day be buried in the ground or burned to dust or both. Until then, good luck.

On a final note, everything I have written above is my opinion and I hope I will be satisfied in the morning when I read it. I'm sure I mistyped numerous words and used incorrect grammer here and there and I may have missed a point or two but if my message is effectively communicated I will consider this post a success. Okay, enough of the bullshit, I'm off to bed!!!

OK- then let’s just tell Mr Baran to F**k off! Grow up and do things that are constructive in OUR society.

Roses are red, violets are blueish, if it wasn’t for Jesus we all would be Jewish.

I don’t normally get involved, but I sincerely implore you, Jason, to shut the fuck up and go find a nice kkk-mag forum to upchuck your posts on. This is the Testosterone Magazine Forum, not Third Reich Inc. No one wants to hear it, and no one really cares.