Ian Kings Programme

In Ian King’s “12 weeks to super strength chest and back” he says to do supersets with no rest between consecutive exercises in a superset. However he also says to do a warm up for the second (or third) exercise
My question is how do you do a superset when it is interspersed by warm ups? Isn’t that almost by definition not a superset? OR do I not really know what a superset is?

Do you superset the warm-ups then superset the worksets?

Also how do you superset a unilateral exercise with a bilateral exercise? He says to superset one arm overhead triceps extensions with triceps pull downs (two arms at a time) and dips (bilateral also)
Just say you, as he says, work the weaker side first eg your left. That means 10 reps with a 4,2,2 tempo is an 80 second set your left arm gets like a 90 second rest while you right arm gets a 10 second rest. My arms are about equal in strength and I feel this would affect the other sets in the superset (eg by the end my right side would be way more tired than my left). What should I do??

Ian also recommends stretching before commencing lifting but does not say anything about stretching in between sets. Since I’ve always stretched between sets should I stop, Is this counterproductive?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I think I can help with the superset question. I simply do a warm-up superset. The same thing for tri-sets. I go through the warm-up tri-set with light weights. As for the bilateral exercises tri-setted with unilateral, I guess I never worried about it.

  1. Superset the warm-up sets. Then superset the work sets. 2) Yeah, the unilateral supersetted with the bilateral with no rest will result in one limb being more fatigued. I’m sure Ian probably has a reason for this. Maybe the weak side is forced to do more work if the strong side is fatigued. If you don’t think you have a weak side, just switch which side you do first every workout. Don’t sweat it. 3) I don’t believe Ian has a problem with stretching between sets as long as you are following his rest protocols.

Hi there1! You do yourwarmup sets for triceps for example before you commence the supersets. So youll do the warmup sets for all three movements before starting the supersets before starting the supersets.

Jake and Hyok Thanks Very much for that.
It is a big help!!!