Ian King Programs and bench

In ‘Youth Gone Wild’, it said at my age of 14, eating plenty, and getting at least 9 hours of sleep a night overtraining would be pretty hard to reach. My question is would doing all three of Ian King’s programs for arms, chest and back, and legs at the same time be overtraining? After reading the article I plan to work do chins and run sprints or drag a sled every day except for hip dominant day for sprints and horizontal push/pull day, how would I tell if I’ve reached overtraining when I try this? Wide grip bench makes my shoulders hurt, so what would be some good compound movements for chest? The gym I go to has a bench machine that lets me get my arms wide and doesn’t hurt my shoulders, would this be a good idea? Dips with elbows out don’t hurt my shoulders and seriously feel like they seriously work my chest, would these work? Pushups w/a plate? Thanks.

Being 14 does not mean your superhuman. How many years have you been training? If you only been training 1-2 years, learn the basic movements and work to get strong at them. Youth will only let you get away with making only so many mistakes. Ian King also said do the least amount of work you need to get results. Train smarter not harder.