12 weeks Ian King programs....

Do you reccomend it for guys with my age??
I’m 16… or it is too much? Will overtrain with that program?
I was thinking on doing the chest and back program but do you guys reccomend it for me? Thanks!

Andres, the Ian King programs are relatively low volume, even though you’re doing 11 exercises in phase 1, you’re only doing 1 set of each and then when you get to multiple sets you’re only doing two exercises. So to your first two questions: 16 is a great age to start and you will not overtrain as long as you follow his recovery guidelines. Right now I’m finishing up phase 2 of a modified version of chest/back and I’ve gained around 7-8lbs. I have some suggestions if you want to make this workout productive as possible. 1)Buy some platemates, Poliquin always recommends them and I’ve found them to be just as invaluable. They’re around $20 a pair, get a 5/8, 1 1/4, and 2 1/2. 2) Keep a record of your workouts so you can see how you progressed. 3)Eat plenty of protein and plenty of post-workout carbs. Hope this helps, ask if you have anymore questions.

I’m not so your age (16) is the big factor. Your training age may be more important. I’ve done the program and I’m 19 but I’ve been training for 5 years now. If you have been training for 2 years you might want to give it a try. I would hope that you have already built a good foundation and currently squatting and deadlifting with good form. Phase 3 and 4 could be dangerous if you hadn’t.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it. If you think you’re slow to recover from workouts Ian allows you to decrease the volume in certain phases (I just finished phase I myself). the first 3 weeks will make you look like a pussy (I was benching 75lbs on the final chest day right next to a guy who was benching 385. I barely got the weight back on the rack and almost had to ask for help). It’s kinda like a right of passage…and it’s pretty fuckin awesome if you ask me.

Also, I forgot to mention…if you don’t want to pay the money for the platemates plates (like I didn’t, though they are probably worth it, but I’m a poor college student) you can improvise by using plates for certain exercises. For instance, doing the later raises with the twist on the first day I used a 10lb and a 2.5lb plate in each hand, since the dumbells went from 10 to 15. Though it wasn’t as comfortable since the weight wasn’t at the ends of my hands (like a dumbell) it still worked, and allowed me to increase weight each workout.

Andres,recovery shouldn’t be a problem at your age since your t levels are getting higher and higher as we speak.
I agree with Scott that the most important factor is your training experience. So if you’re confident enough with your exercise tehnique and other training variables there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have fun the following 12 weeks.

As a 16 year old your T and GH levels are through the roof. You can recover faster than a 25 year old who’s levels have gone down. But I suggest you do the Big Beyond Belief system by Optimum Training Systems. I’m a teen myself and seen huge results with it.