I used to train in home many years,i feel i am attracting some attention and like people dislike me

had built exercise habit while training at home,recently joined a gym because my brother and i share the gym but i felt not comfortable training with him as i prefer to have my own space but our home gym is kind of small.I also spent a lot of working time with him.I don’t socialize in the gym and to be honest i am protective and try to be as fair as possible and not take advantage of others.I timed myself 1hr30min and will leave the gym straight after,because i want to train and leave,if i stayed long enough i got to talked to people,socialize which i really sucked and still in the end will be hated.I train there full force,i am attracting attention because i move fast and do fast.I believe someday there will be people more focus and more stronger then me as i am inside for 2 month currently.There is a few guys stronger then me,but they looked comfortable and in place,while i looked like i attracted attention,or maybe not??I also thought the trainer inside the gym would love to get me out and hope i don’t resign lol.We will see,i am not worried as if i out,i can just go to other place??Now i have just resigned for a month,nothing is easy and we will see if i can survive

Pretty sure most people in your gym don’t hate you unless you are dishing out a bunch of UNWANTED advice or acting like an asshole.

Most people are there to do the same thing thing you are… get in and get out. They don’t even care if you are breathing air. (That means… they don’t give a shit)

This sounds like it’s all in your head.


I’m not sure i understand the point to this? What is the intent?
If you don’t want to talk to people keep your head down and do your work.

ok,i just felt i am prideful or people are jealous i am working hard.Its like i am sort of special,in a bad way.Fitness level high,social awareness 0

Lets make sure it’s not you.

You say you move fast and do fast? What does this mean? Are you taking up a lot of equipment and sweating all over the place?

Are you doing dumb shit like dropping dumbbells after sets of Incline DB Press or dropping barbells after deadlifts?

Are you shadow boxing or shooting imaginary basketball jump shots between sets?


keep my head down.OK,also i am always timing my set,i will be humble and more humble.I will see one day,someone will attract more attention then me and i will taste my own medicine??I am probably a noob in gym setting,but developed fitness level currently

i am doing one exercise 4-5 set at a time,then switch and if i see people using the things i don’t force i will just switch exercise as backup.I try to clean my sweat always on the bench

i move fast,because i dont play eccentric and all advance technique,i keep it simple meaning i focus on just weight,set and rep and also try to use good form.I am always full of sweat after i am done,when i train alone at home its the same

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I still don’t understand what you are looking for with this post?
Your first post says you don’t want attention. Now it seems you do?

My question to you is why did you create this post??

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i don’t want attentions,which part of my post suggested that i want attention??Maybe i wanted but i didn’t realize?

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i am looking for to get comfortable and let me do my own things.OK,i want to survive and not felt bad after session,and be normal.

It would sound to me that you have some mental barriers and some social awkwardness?
As far as the gym goes, show up, do your thing in a respectful way and leave. Nobody gives a shit unless you are doing something very out of the ordinary or being disrespectful.

Spotlight Effect


Might be simpler if the two of you used the gym on two different occasions. Might save the anxiety of a commercial gym.

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Everyone in the gym is focused on themselves. You should be too.

No one cares about your lifts, your clothes, anything, as long as you’re not being an ass.

The mirrors are there to look at ourselves, not other people.

It’s actually a great place to be invisible.


On the other hand;

If you’re handsome or muscular, people will watch you.

If you really, really know how to lift with great skill and technical mastery, people will watch you.

If you’re really strong people will watch you.

If you’re wearing really flashy clothes or you have dramatic hair people will watch you.


“Trying” to clean your sweat just might not get it. Any machine you leave for the next person needs to have all of the “wet” from your sweat removed. You could become extremely unpopular very rapidly.

Add the possibility that you might be one of those whose sweat has a foul odor. I would hope that I wouldn’t see you there when I was working out.

Please don’t take offense. Just somethings to consider.

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Shit. I need to start charging to watch.


At least get a free membership, or “Sponsorship” from the gym owner.

Are we going to turn this into another thread that gets derailed into butt stuff?

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I don’t care for that.