I pierced my nipples!!!!

Okay guys and girls, I decided to get my nipples pierced. It was painful, but the second one didn’t hurt as bad as the first. I’m just wondering if anyone else has pierced their nipples and what kind of experiences you’ve had. How long were you sore? Any other problems? Do you notice any increased sensation? Any sexual benefits? I just did it because I thought it would look cool and because I’ve always hated my nipples so I thought piercing them help make them look better. The rings look cool, but I’m still sore as hell!

What did your nipple ever do to you, Doggy Dogg?

Don’t let me lose this much respect for you in one sitting, Nate.

Which one are you, the cowboy or construction worker?

You did WHAT Nate Doggity Dog?? Ewwwww. Throw some reins over your shoulders, clip em on and you can pull my wagon! Sasa, real cowboys don’t pierce anything. Maybe some Hollywood cowboys do. I don’t know about construction workers though. What’s next Dog? A poodle? Hope nobody gives you a tit twister. OWWWWW!

He’s referring to the Village People :).

Coach Davies might not let you follow is programs if youve got piercings. hehe

r you sure u dont drink??? OH MAN YOU are NUTs!!! but i bet the vixens will love it

Wow! A lot of you guys don’t seem to go for piercings. You should know I already have two earrings in each year. And this was just something a little extra that no one will know about unless they see me with my shirt off, so it flies for work purposes. So how come all of you are against nipple piercings? Or is it just piercings in general?

I did’t do it for the women, but I was told (once I had it done) that women actually love that on a guy. I’ll have to let you know about that one. And with references to the Village People, should I assume that you think that a guy with piercings is automatically gay? Very interesting feedback.

um…YUK. they’re ok once they heal, but don’t plan on that for a few months!!! sorry, i’m just not into piercings, especially new ones…

Nate’s nipples=Nates business. They’re not for me, but if Nate likes 'em, what’s the big deal?

Each to their own. Nothing beats a belly button ring on a girl, but I wouldn’t let anybody go poking me with stuff like that.

Nate Dogg, where ya been man? You gotta get back online. Tonight we were doing a pyramid where i hold two girls up over my shoulders. Well one fell down and her shoe scraped down my nipple. that shit hurt bad. How in the hell did you take piercing them?

I had both of mine done. Hurt so bad for about three days I didn’t do much. Took a while to heal too. I finally took them out as the sensitivity was decreasing. When I first had them done it was awesome, they were super sensitive and girls would be more prone to give them attention with them pierced. Someone told me the sensitivity would steadily decrease to nothing so I took them out after about a year.

I’m not against piercings. Hell I have one, might get a few more. Definately would have more if I didn’t work in an office. But all summer I saw tons of guys at the beach with their nipples pierced, seems like the new fad. And I think it looks rather dumb… no offense Nate.

Big Bruva, I agree, a belly button ring on a girl is very sexy. I think women look good with tongue rings too. Unfortunately, I’ve never enjoyed kissing someone with a tongue ring. The taste of metal and the clanking on my teeth doesn’t do it for me.

Goldberg, just the thought of doing that stunt and having a foot scrape across my nipple makes me shudder! I’m on the total defense about having people near me or getting anywhere near my nipple! As for how I took the pain, I was like, “OW! Shit! Fuck! Fuck, that hurt!” It hurt enough to make me consider not getting the second one done! Luckily, the second one didn’t hurt as bad! But they are very sore now. The first day, I couldn’t wear my shirt because just having something touch me hurt! I’m doing better now. I know it’s going to take a while to heal. But at least they are getting better.

I’m taking it easy about working out this week. In fact, this is pretty much an “off week” for me until I get on a new program next week. So the only thing I’m doing this week are a few short kettlebell workouts. Besides, I’m working the haunted house today and Wednesday, so I don’t have as much time to hit the gym. So the kettlebell workouts are good for this week.

As for being online, I haven't had much time at work. And my AOL IM crashed at home. So I need to find some time to redownload it. Once I'm back on, I'll hit you up bro!

Big Dave, I’m not worried about the sensitivity. I mean, I have noticed a huge increase in sensitivity, but it is too much for me. So if it decreases over time, that’s fine with me. I just wanted to do another piercing that would look cool and not be a problem with work. And I sure as hell wouldn’t pierce anything below the belt, so nipples seemed like the best choice. Otherwise, I’d consider an eyebrow ring. But that’s about it. I’m not all crazy into numerous piercings. This is about enough for me. And at least they are covered up most of the time so no one knows. No offense taken Jake! I haven’t noticed many guys around here with them. Maybe they aren’t quite the fad here yet! :wink:

Dogg, I was just kidding. I couldn’t care less if you put a bone through your nose. Your body, your pain… I am not judgemental about things like that either.

Not many guys can get away with it and not look sissified. Dave Navarro can. The guy fronting Biohazard can. Maybe Nate can; I haven’t seen him. I couldn’t, though. The worst I ever saw was a guy with a belly button ring at my gym.

I’ve got a brow ring… I’ve pondered the idea of getting a ring through the cartilage on my nose. But I’d most definately lose my job here. Which right now I’m thinking would be a good thing. However I’ve also been thinking about becoming a cop, and the brow ring will have to come out for that.

We’ll see if I can pull it off. For pictures of me, just check out my web site (www.atlantic.net/~nathan/weights.htm). I’ll eventually get some new pics of myself so you can actually see the rings. They are fairly small stainless steal hoops. Similar in size to my earrings. I’m gonna be packing on some more mass soon (with the help of MAG-10), so I’ll be sure to post some new and improved pics of me in the near future! Hopefully, I’ll pack on some more mass and be quite intimidating even with my short stature! :wink: