Hypertrophy Beginner Program?

Gessez, I’d like to start by thanking you for answering all of the questions I asked. You’ve made my decision to invest time and energy offering advice much easier, and certainly much more worthwhile.

[quote]Gessez wrote:
well to be honest i’ve been doing this off and on for a while…so it’s not “literally” a month.[/quote]
So when you literally said “I do have the movements down though, since I did SS for a month” you didn’t literally mean “a month.” Literally.

So it’s been more than one month, but it’s been one month.

You make my head hurt.

I think I understand what you’re saying though. You’ve been slacking off in the gym and training inconsistently, and you weren’t happy with the results. So you buckled down and followed Starting Strength for a whole entire four weeks and still weren’t happy with the results.

What… is… your… current… height… and… weight?

Bud, you couldn’t “become hulk” if you tried. And I mean that sincerely, without condescension.

[quote]I can notice that my biceps / arms are a weak factor.

SS isn’t really helping because my weak points are still the same…it’s not well rounded as it doesn’t address my physical weakpoints.[/quote]
You’re not strong enough or developed enough to have weak points. Everything is a weak point.


Do this:

Follow it exactly as written for three months straight (including the eating part). That’ll get you through the summer and then some. Don’t flake out.

You started this whole thread by saying: “all I want to do is add a little muscle mass for summer(pretty much non existent) and gain a little weight.”

That’s what we’re trying to help with.