How fast fat fast!

Guys, most here have done the fat fast - I am half way through the Ian King upper body routine(Bulking), and am making great all round gains. I have a party to go to on the 16th of Dec, I dont want to lose my gains, and definitely want to finish the routine. The reason being, I have to wear a tux and want to look a little sharper, as the whole company is there(as a ‘friend’ emailed a pic of me when i was shredded to the whole company this afternoon, and i am expected to be in shape! great!). If I caned the fat-fast, with androsol + methoxy, T2 and MD6 and was strict as hell - keeping the focus on the upper body workouts, and wack in some HIT cardio along with the lower body training, could I speed up the whole process up perhaps still building some muscle too, along with the fat loss(in a window of about 2 weeks?!?!) Experienced fat faster’s, or those who have done somethingly equally painful, let me know how it went. Thanks in advance guys

Welcome to the Fat Fast. I have done Bodyopus numerous times and currently I am on day 14 of my Fat Fast. In the past while doing Bodyopus I felt crappy all the time. I figured the Fat Fast would be even worse since it doesn’t include weekend carb-ups and the calories are lower. Amaziningly, I have never felt so good on a ketogenic diet and so far the pounds I’ve lost have been only fat. Not to sound like a Biotest salesman but I attribute a lot of my success so far to Androsol(75-100 sprays twice a day), Methoxy7(4-6 tsp. daily), T2(3 daily), and MD6(6 daily plus some extra ephedrine and caffeine). In the past I used steroids and some T3 to diet but now for personal reasons I must stay legal and honestly with the information from this website and these new supplements my progress has surpassed what I was used to. Be strict and in two weeks you will make definite and noticeable changes to your body. Later.

Mr Josh, thanks for your input bud - i have been kinda set a challenge of getting my butt into better shape. im fairly lean, i wont get ripped in 2 weeks, but i will hopefully look better. did you keep gaining muscle/strength on this protocol, or am i just asking for too much?

Dannyboy, I haven’t gained any muscle but I haven’t lost any either which in my book is just as good when on such an extreme diet. My strength is still good although I have just had to start taking PowerDrive to help me through my workouts since I noticed my reps dropping. Basically, I train to retain while on a diet and save the strength and size routines for when I am not so calorie restricted. Somehow I am still getting a decent pump and my muscles are hard. Never had this before while in ketosis. Good luck.