Fat Fast

I’m considering trying out the “Fat Fast” diet is there anyone out there who has tried this and succeeded. I know in the end Brock Was a little disappointed b/c of his loss of about half of what he wanted to lose. I got out of the gym for about 3 months b/c of an injury and let my diet go as well and now I’ve gained about 20lbs of unwanted fat, so if you’ve got any good advice about the fat fast program i’d love to hear it. Thanks…


If you have a fast or medium metabolism increase the calories by about 300 per day. This will make things a little less painful. I also like the idea of doing GBC training with the fat fast. Good luck you’re in for a world of pain.

I did "fat fast’ for three weeks, the first week without androsol I lost about ten pounds after that I added Androsol (50-70 x 2 a day) I may have lost fat, but my weight stayed constant for the last two weeks. I did have strength loss during the entire period. My diet included: 50/50 whey/cas. from protein factory, MD6, and flaxseed oil. For the what’s worth category, Lyle McDonald has written that restricting calories by more than 1,000 will backfire this style diet. After completing my three week phase, I went to the T-dawg diet and had immediate strength increases without fat gain, I am still trying to find the appropriate number of carb up days, to maximize glycogen stores without storing fat.

Lyle’s the man, no question. I like the idea of the Fat Fast, but there’s a saying, “Good advice not followed is still bad advice.” Personally, I could not do just flax and protein powder. I do consume flax by the tbsp frequently on my ckd’s, but I eat normal food too, like steak, eggs, salmon, etc. I would say that if you aren’t on some mega-strict deadline, why not do a regular ckd initially and if fat loss slows after a while then maybe switch to Fat Fast for the final phase. You can still lose fat quite rapidly on a regular ckd with less of a calorie restriction, just be strict with your carb-ups. I can’t do over 24 hrs. of carbing w/o regaining the fat lost during my low-carb days, and I also have to watch my amount and quality of carbs like a hawk as well. FWIW, I have seen the absolute best results doing a modified T-Dawg plan-no pre-workout carbs and only the carbs from Grow post-workout, German Body Comp 3x/week, a good thermogenic such as MD6 or whatever you normally use, no cardio whatsoever (amen), and a strict 24 hr. carb-up avoiding fructose and sucrose. I like to take the best ideas of a group of people and work them into my own customized approach, and for that, thank you Lyle McDonald, Brock, Coach P, the late Guru, Dr. Mauro, Chris and TC.

My version of the the T-dawg is more like the anabolic diet. My concern is on the carb up days is controlling myself. I eat pizza, Chinese, and anything else I crave. I figure it does not matter how long carb up is as long it is not approached like “free-day”. My next experimentation is going to be a 1.5 day carb up starting with a high carb. post workout drink followed by a full day of semi-free eating.