How do I each *that* much protein?

On hearing that we should aim for around 400g protein and 500g carbs per day for a Mag-10 cycle, I’ve been wondering how on earth I’m going to be able to physically eat enough to get that much protein. There are only so many shakes, tuna cans and chickens I can get down my throat in a day. Even going up from 6 meals to 8 meals at 50g a shot is gonna take some swallowing. Is this a common problem or am I just being a wuss?

One thing I have just tried earlier today, is mixing 10 scoops of chocolate AP with rolled oats and water, making a really thick gloopy stodge. I spread it on a baking tray and cut it into slices and baked it for 15 minutes whilst slouching on my beanbag and licking the bowl clean. The result was a light/fluffy/crunchy dog turd that doesn't taste half bad! Obviously though, man cannot live on AP alone, so if anyones got some creative solutions to this (real food or powder) I'd like to hear them. I'm off to wash the chocolate off my nose :o)

All I can tell you is thousands of people do it everyday. Frequent meals, protein powders, etc. Six feedings a day with 66 grams of protein will get you to 400. These don’t have to be full meals. For example, my last meal is Advanced Protein blended with a little cottage cheese. About 65 grams right there in under 5 minutes. I honestly couldn’t do it without AP though. But it tastes so good it’s more like dessert. Oh, another option is to have one scoop of AP with every meal. That bumps up every solid feeding by 20 grams of protein.

eat a small sandwhich (on whole wheat probably), loaded up w/ tons of turkey and a little cheese and lettuce and mayo. Makes for a good snack.

You’re a wuss. I am at 3900 kCal, 350p, 400c, the rest f and I am hungry all the time. If I wanted to feel full, I’d have to eat at least 7000 kCal of clean food every day. I could never understand the people who cannot eat or digest food - however, I do have a damaged sense of hunger due to excessive and prolonged dieting.

I find that several small APs between meals helps a lot and is easy to get down. So when bulking I have one right when I get up (before shower/breakfast), again mid-morning, etc. This 5 times/day adds another 100g to the total, and you won’t notice it much.

Just force it down bro. I myself am 5’6 170lbs and I’m currently slamming 4000cal per day on off days and 4300cal on training days (which can be hard to do eating clean)and the muscle still comes on slowly. Sometimes it can seem just as hard to eat enough (consistently) as it is to train your ass off. Also (for me anyway) the longer you do it the easier it gets to eat like a horse, it just becomes automatic.

1/2 gallon of skim milk mixed with 5 scoops of protein will give you nearly 200 grams of protein per day. Drink throughout the day and in between meals…or you could go 1 gallon of milk and 10 scoops protein for about 360 grams of protein per day. With liquid meals like this it makes the job a lot easier. Personally I can eat 300-400 grams protein no problem and still crave more. :slight_smile:

come on, dude… its easy to do it when you recycle all of the protein that is being wasted. I just make sure I keep a spoon around my toilet at home… and ah yeah! Mississippi Mud pies all the time, chock full 'o protein. Tastes like shit, but maybe thats because it is. But you’re a wuss if you can’t do it. The best, however, is when the shit tastes so bad (maybe it was the Mexican food you ate last night)you vomit it up. Regergatated, recycled cross-flow micro filtered whey is the premium, absolute best way to go. mmmm…mmm!!!

It defintely becomes much easier to eat more “good” food once you are used to it. I used to look at a lot of the diets and think, I’ll never be able to eat all that. Now I can eat like a horse and my metabolism just eats it up. My friends always are amazed at the amount I eat and say I will get fat if I keep it up…how funny:)

Here is another point to consider. If I’m not mistaken, if you are baking your Advanced Protein dog turds above 150 degrees, you may be denaturing the protein. Can anyone confirm this?

You are absolutely NOT a wuss. I’m really getting sick of these people who view those of us who have a very low appetite as being a wuss. I find it extremely difficult to eat the calories necessary to gain weight. I use peanut butter, flax, and MCT oil to bump up my overall intake. Eating that many carbs is the most difficult thing for me since they make you feel full.
We are all different. Sure there are those of us who have an unlimited appetite, but a lot of us don’t.


thats a good point about the baking. at that high tempertature there is a real good chance the proteins are coming apart. I don’t know exactly what effect this would have on absorbtion and such but in general when you denature proteins thy lose most of there inherent properties. I know some of these are designed very specifically too so this can’t be good.

LOL. “Dog turd”. Priceless.

The “Dog turd” reference was definitely funny :slight_smile: I dont agree with you Kyle about being difficult to eat such huge amouts. Especially eating “clean” is difficult. But it is also true that if you could eat that many calories for a short period of time it does get easier. I know I slowly got use to it. And by the way. If you are used to eating 2500 cal/day dont even think about jumping up to 4000 cal/day in one shot. Gradually ease into it. If you make a drastic change quickly you get discourage by your inability to adapt and you might give up. All that being said. One thing I’ve never gotten used to is the effects of so much food on sphincter. I must have the most toned anus. I always have to take a shit. And thats a real bitch. Especially when you work long hours and are always on the go.

If you aren’t willing to eat that much you aren’t giving your all to training. The only excuse you can have is “I am not trying hard enough, I must try harder.”

To beat the man, you have to out eat the man.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Guess I just get a little confused with all the information. Like ‘eat half your protein after workouts’, ‘you cannot absorb more than about 50g in one sitting’, ‘get 2g per 1lb Lbm’ etc. These seem to conflict with each other. Also doing a sedentary office job doesn’t demand a lot of energy and it just sits in my stomach. I also like to mountain bike, and find that I can eat like a horse when I do that, and still be hungry. Looks like I’ll have to train my system to shift this stuff faster.

Thanks again!

The main problem with the denatured proteins is with the ‘biologically active’ protein molecules. But if you are just wanting amino acids like most people denaturing is not much of a problem as the protein isnt biologically active any more but it still can be hydrolysed into aminos.
Take for instance Surge, it contains hydrolysed whey. This has broken down, ‘denatured’ protein molecules in it. Do people care, no because they want a fast supple of aminos rather than things like Glycomacropeptides and stuff.

Dude its easy. Start eating at 6a.m. and every 3 hours until bed eat 60 grams of protein. Your last meal will be 60grams of protein before bed. That’s 7 meals times 60grams= 420 grams of protein. If you do it right you can get 500 on your workout days by timing you workout for example at 5p.m. Your workout should take no more than 45 minutes if it does you are overtraining. Anyway its in time for you 6p.m. protein. Now here is the simple trick. 1 hour later take an extra 60grams. Then at your 9p.m. feeding which in this example would probably be a solid food meal eat around 90-100 grams instead of 60. This isn’t that hard just eat a pound of chicken with less carbs than usual. If you do a plan like this you will be at over 500 on workout days and 400 on off days. If you want a sample idea of how I do it email me. Before I go the best trick for getting this much protein is to use protein powders for at least 5 of the 7 protein feeding. I only eat 1-2 solid meals a day. Besides if you have a job you don’t have time to sit for 5-10 minutes and eat. With a shake it takes less than 2 minutes. I have times it it works. GOOD LUCK.

eating 12 to 14 meals a day makes it a lot easier