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I gotta make this quick, so bare with me…

I’m 6’1", 154 lbs., 18 years old: I have the metabolism of a [use your imagination]. I’m not going to bitch about not being able to gain muscle mass because I know the reason I haven’t been: I’m not getting enough calories. I need just under 4,000 to grow. Question: HOW IN GOD’S NAME DO I GET THIS MUCH DOWN MY THROAT? If I stuff myself I get around 2,500! Before you say, “Protein suppliments, Damnitall!” just know that I will get some when I can, but as for now I’m a little tight on cash (it just dawned on me how expensive it is to grow). Better yet, if you can point me in the direction of some quality - ahem QUALITY - protein/calorie supps/shakes, that would be great. I live near a Hi-Health and a GMC. I don’t know if I can be spending $50 on, say, 10 shakes (if there is such a thing), so please, if you’re going to suggest anything, use your best judgement on the most simple, most-for-your-money product. I need protein and calories; fancy-shmancy is not a priority right now.
Thanks, Dan.

Here is some cheap protein sources: Milk, Cottage Cheese, Low Fat Frozen Yogurt. Throw in some fresh fruit and ice with the above and you can make some cheap, quality shakes. Low in fat and great sources of carbs and protein. Drink a couple of these everyday in addition to your meals.

Milk, peanut butter, cottage cheese, eggs, nuts…as a college student, have to live off of them quite often when bulking.

I had a post about this sort of thing a while ago about Doug Hepburn’s ‘secret’-forced feeding & heavy weights. You’ve got to eat as much as you can all the time & not worry a lot about losing your 6-pack & train with big weights (meaning bench press instead of flys or squats instead of leg extensions, etc). I’ve heard that the last thing Duchaine says in his USBII is something like ‘You know how you’ve heard about weightlifters eating a dozen eggs for breakfast & a dozen before bed? Well that’s 6000 calories taken care of with 6000 to go’.

Dude I had a similar problem, this may sound crazy, but the BEST way to do this is to much… shall we say… PROTEIN EGGNOG!!!
Get a recipe for eggnog, use lowfat milk. Get some EFA’s and put them in there, and double the eggwhites. You can easily get an extra 2000 a day maybe 3, but then you may turn into
Nutmeg. This is the best way I have seen, yes you may gain some fat buy not much if you use lowfat, also, as some articles suggest, when trying to gain alot of weight, dont worry about mayo or extra mayo, get the bulk then cut it up. The extra carbs in the recipe make you get great pumps. You may want to, cycle it, so you dont gain too much. U will know what I am speaking of when u do it.

If you are planning on buying supplements and are worried about spending too much, then you definitely ought to shop online instead of at GNC. The prices are a lot better and, provided that you have access to a credit card, it’s much more convenient. Also, start keeping a food log! If your metabolism is as fast as you imply, focus on nutrient dense foods: nuts and seeds, whole milk, and make sure that you’re getting plenty of quality protein throughout the day.

Sublime- Yeah man, I know of all those and I use them like mad. I think that what I have to do is use them almost as a base on which to mix other ingredients to get a more nutritionally dense diet. SBET- Like Sublime, thank you for the reminder (especially concerning the nuts). Drax- Right on, man; thanks for the input. William T- I just may try that. Eric- Yeah, I keep a food log and all that, and I eat so damn healthy it’s mind-boggling for someone my age. Thanks. I just need some good sources of helpful calories, that’s really it.

Dan, I have a proposal for you. I am hungry all the time, @ 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 or 10.000 kCal. I kid you not. So, if you tell me how to be satiated at 2 or 3000 kCal, I will tell you the secret to downing 4000 or 5000. OK?

This may sound crazy but it worked- CAKE MIX !! As a kid, my partner and I would go to the bulk food store and purchase tons of cake mix and cut it with water or milk- it was rich in powdered eggs, powdered daily and carbs - world’s cheapest weight gain and tasted awesome !!
Mike D

If you are that skinny then all you need is a gallon of whole milk every day. That’s as cheap as it gets.

Calorie dense foods to help you build muscle. Ground Beef, Whole Eggs (Eggs are KEY), Cottage Cheese, Peanut Butter (or better Almond Butter, in Protein shakes) Olive Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Steak, Steak, Steak (Red Meat is KEY), how about more steak, u can always find different cuts on sale, at $2 a lb. its the one of the best foods out there.
Chicken, Tuna, veggies, etc arent gonna help much to put on size. Your best bet is high protein/fat and loading up on carbs every 4-5 days, as well as after your workout (surge) if you arent carb sensitive.

WHITE PEANUT is really cheap, also you can buy Milk Powder 500G = 180g Protein for only 3$.
It’s really cheap.

Hi Dan,
did you read Cy Willsons “Skinny Bastard Diet”.
You might not like the style (Big Dude patronizing Skinny Guy) but it’s the best damn thing I’ve ever read for guys who just can’t eat enough (though 2,500 shouldn’t be too hard ). Next - don’t worry too much about fat. And I would not recommend to eat as much as you can every meal (for 6-7 meals a day). In my experience that may work for a couple of days but after that you might just feel like a stuffed turkey. You still should feel some appetite before your next meal. You could start slow by eating smaller amounts several times a day and increase the portions over time.

For cheap sources of protein I may add tuna (in water) to the lists given above. You can get them for about 80c a can. Doesn’t necessarily taste very good, but you’re not eating for fun, are you? There are cheap sources for protein powder on the internet. You can get whey concentrate for $4.25/lbs (not exactly the best protein you can buy for money, but the cheapest. Search for protein factory on the web, I get my stuff there sometimes, though you need some buckets to store the stuff … switch to Advanced Protein when you have the dough).

Natural Peanut Butter and Pasta. Both are cheap, pasta is dirt cheap, and both are jam packed with calories. Natural PB is just protein and fat, pasta is just protein and carbs. Both have a ton of protein per serving.

Sasa Aksentijevic- The secret is this: be skinny as hell. Mike D- Veeerrrryyy Interesting. If you say it works I’ll give it a whirl, man. Thank you. Pimp C- Yeah, that’s the first thing that popped into my head, but there’s a problem with that: too much dairy and I get damn horrible gas. My dad’s lactose intolerant, so I may have inherited a bit of that gene… Thanks for your reply though. pete69- Thanks for the list, man; I really appreciate that. “Chicken, Tuna, veggies, etc arent gonna help much to put on size.” I’m glad somebody told me that ;). Two quick questions for ya: 1)“KEY”? (Excuse my bodybuilding illiteracy - I’m new at this.) 2)How do I find out if I’m “carb sensitive”? Please explain this to me - anyone, really, not just pete69. byp0- Wow. Thanks. And I can get this Milk Powder…? At just any grocery store or what? GymJim- Yeah, I read that article and printed it out and everything. I really like his protein soup suggestion, as it obviously relates to my little problem here, but sweets - fat free cookies and whatnot - maybe I’m a whiner but those things just make me feel like crap. I get all groggy and lazy and my energy level just drops. I’m not familiar with the biology behind this (insulin release?), but if I really need to do that to gain mass, so help me I will. As for the rest of your message, it was really helpful - thank you very much. Sam Kessler- I agree; I don’t know what I’d do without my natural peanut butter.

pete- Surge is just fine for even “carb sensitive” folks during and after training. Trust me, I’m one of them.

how can you not be able to eat 4000 cal? that’s easy, i eat 4000-4500 a day and i still feel like eating, i feel like eating 15 mins after my last meal.

Okay, man, remarks like, “how can you not be able to eat 4000 cal? …i eat 4000-4500 a day and i still feel like eating” are not helpful to anyone. “How can I not be able to?” I don’t know; that why I posted this damn message in the first place. Ectomorphs are not known for their chasm of a stomach, so unless you have something useful to say, I’m quite frankly tired of hearing about it.