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Hi guys and gals, I’ve been reading the forum for a few months now so I thought I’d say hi. My names Andy and I’m 23 and live in the UK. I play football here as a linebacker and love going to the gym, write tahts the intoduction out of the way. My question is do you think football is catabolic, during the season I’m lucky if I can do any leg work in the gym once a month because they’re so sore. Playing as a LB has deinately built up my shoulders and upper back from throwing O lineman around, almost like renegade training.



Andy - you need to continue to train during the season but in a proper structure. There is a delicate balance with in-season training to ensure strength is maintained and you are prepared for the next game. If I can be of assistance, please feel free to ask. In faith, Coach Davies

Hi coach, all I aim to do for legs is one squat session per week, normally 3 sets of about 5 reps. I may also do some calf work. Unfortunately I’ve got a neck injury now, so that means no squats, I’m out until after christmas. All I’m doing is the leg press at the moment which I know is crap. I thought about trying different lunge and deadlift exercises but I think they would just aggravate my injury, do you have any ideas on what I can do?

Hey Andy, another football player from the UK and a linebacker as well! Which team do you play for and where do you live? I’m amazed you can only train once a week. Playing last yr as a LB I was able to train pretty much as normal. How often do you do football training, once or twice a week?

Andy - I will gladly help you, it will be an honor to do so but with a neck injury (or any injury) first and foremost is recovery and medical clearance. Please get back to (do not hesitate emailing me personally if you wish) and lets set up a plan, but again your long term health is the greatest importance. In faith, Coach Davies

Hi coach, I would e-mail you but i don’t know how to get your e-mail address from this forum. I agree with my neck injury I need to be careful which is why at the moment all i’m doing are curls, pushdowns, flyes, leg press, curls and extensions. I really feel like I’m losing strength and mass from my legs now that I can’t squat and DL. Even when leg pressing to the point of almost throwing up my legs feel fine a few hours later unlike squats. If you have any ideas of what I can do it’d be a great help, I’m not expecting to make any gains I just want to keep what I’ve worked hard for.

Hi Reggie, I played for the plymouth admirals and the plymouth college team the blitz. I’m planning on moving out of plymouth soon and I need a new team, I’m in travelling distance of the aztecs and the sundevils so I’ll try one of them. How about you, who do you play for? As for training, we do it 3 times a week but I normally only make it twice. The not being able to train thing applies only to legs I can normally train everything else ok, you’re obviously not hitting hard enough :wink: if you’re on MSM or icq give me your number.

Hey Andy, I play for the Sundevils mate and I would highly recommend you coming down. If you’ve been watching div1 you’ll know that we are a team on the rise and our youth team just won the BYAFA championship beating the O’s youth on the way. Having said that we definitely could do with new players and I think you’ll find that across the league we are a highly respected organisation. Its for that reason we have so many players who’ll travel from afar to play for us. I should add that Jim Roberson is also the best coach in the UK and will make you a better player guaranteed - this guy was an all-american in the states. I won’t disrespect Bristol because their coach is a good guy but if you look at their results last yr you’ll know they aren’t in the best shape. I hope to hear back from you mate. In the meantime, and hoping the moderator lets this through you should go to gridironuk.com which is the UK football website. If you’ve got any questions let me know.

If you review a few issues back readers mail, TC gives my email address - PLEASE do not hesitate to use it. I know this is a difficult time, recovering from injury is difficult but you need to be 100% before getting back into the weight room. First and foremost, lets get you healthy. Now there may be other things that can be done during this time. Just as an example,(depending on your injury of course) we might be able to get into some extra mobility work to loosen the hips or foot speed. I look forward to hearing from you! In faith, Coach Davies

Just posting to let Andy know that our pre-season begins in February including trainig camp if you are interested.

Is it a residential training camp or just regular training at the regular training ground? There are a couple of guys down here from the sundevils actually, youth QB Dan and Macey WR/DB. Where are you from reggie, I’m from salsibury, well I will be when I move back.

I am from London. I could be wrong but the Dan you are talking about could be our starting tight end at senior, he has bleached blond hair if that helps. I’m from London which is a bit of a trek but I’ve got some links to Southern via an old college teammate. In fact, that guy is from Salisbury as well. His name is Steve Shergold. How long have you been playing football for? What position would you be looking to go for at senior level. What are your stats for size, speed, strength etc? As far as our training camp goes it is a residential camp, the whole weekend will be football training and implementing our offense and defense. I’ve never been to one and might not be able to attend that one either although I need to since my technical skills are way behind my physical skills. If you are interested I could give you the number for my physio in London. This guy managed to get me back on the field despite a massive knee injury which most other people told me was career ending.

Yeah thats the dan I’m talking about, hes starting QB for the plymouth college team. I’ve played 2 college seasons and two BSL seasons. I originally played TE at college, then I was moved to DE for a year with the plymouth admirals, that season I wn rookie of the year. Last year I was moved to MLB for the college and senior teams. I start for both. I’m 5’11 about 190 but that’ll probably be nearer 200 soon, I broke my leg midseason last year and lost a lot of mass from my legs but thats slowly coming back now. As far as speed, I don’t know, I’ve never done a timed 40 I know my jingle jangle is good, I am one of the fastest guys on the team, last year I was THE fastest then I got broken! I’d be hoping to stay at LB but to be honest I’d play anywhere, I just wanna play! I’m still not sure whats happening about my moving, its still all up in the air, cheers for the info tho!

No problem. If you keep checking the Gridironuk.com site you’ll find plenty of info on our team. Hope to see you with us next year Andy. 'Til Then.