Help! I Need dating advice from you T-Dudes

Dude, I have two things to offer you:
One, women are the worst people to ask about
getting laid, they fall for the same tricks every time and are usually left angry. Jerks get the pussy, nice guys get the advice.
Two, find another woman, even if you don’t get sex from your back up, you will have some sort of leverage with miss pretty. If this first girl punks you, there is still a pink prospect for your exploitation. That is what I call a win-win. Good luck.

reesh - just treat her the way you want to be treated. Be honest, tell her how you feel, you may not get the chance again.

christian d. - you sound like an asshole. who the hell are you to think that women are something less than you. Was your mother some mindless female, I doubt it if she raised you. Women are the glue that holds families together and they’re a hell of a lot stronger than men are in all things except muscles. If that’s how you view women than that’s exactly the kind of woman you’ll end up with. The woman I love is one of the smartest, funniest people I’ve ever met. You’d be lucky to meet another one like her.

Thinks Christian is a very lonely angry man…lol. Bro you either just got dumped, or had a fight with your lady today for you to be that pissed off. At least thats what I am telling myself, because if that isn’t the case bro…with that attitude, your gonna be one lonely lonely man…or else your Jason Baram posting under a different name!!! When ya find the right vixen, you will find that they are your equal in a lot of ways. Just like there are ditzy women out there…don’t forget there are just as many dumb ass men who smack their women around because of their own inferiority!!

Intelligence Quotient and Personality are two completely different things. I could listen to an intelligent girl that has nothing to say and fall asleep(although that doesn’t often happen, I love smart women). Yet, I could get into a great disscusion with an average girl who simply has a great presence.-Watts-

Folks, keep in mind that Christian could’ve been attempting humour… maybe…

Reeshdawg - man, if it looks like it’s goin’ down hill with this chick, you gotta make one last stand. Now, take your balls in your hand, step to her and ask her out point blank, and be REAL confident ('cos it’s her loss if she says no), then tell her where you’re both gunna go and make it somewhere out of the ordinary, something with a bit of excitement. This is a last ditch effort man, screw all that dinner and movies stuff.

Oh, but let go of your balls before you ask her, or she’ll call the cops…! [grin]

reesh, man I used to be just like you, always sweating over some girl, did she like me or not? I guess i when it came to women i used to lack confidence but that was probably cause i went to an all boys school and didnt get much interaction with girls, now I’m older and wiser (ha ha ha I wish) the main thing i have learned is women like/respect a guy who is confident and knows what he wants. You’ve already done the hardest part, asking her out the first time. And you said you had a good time, so basically by now she must have decided if she wants to see you again or not. Her being “busy” could mean one of two things 1) either she thinks your ok but doesnt want “see” you again (ie: the just friends routine) but she doesnt want to hurt your feeling by saying no to another date or
2) She is genuinely busy (it is possible)
ok there is a 3) she might be playing games
So you said you liked her why stuff around, be honest, go see her at work with a definite date planned (ie: like some of the other T-men said dinner at so and so or this movie on this night - remember girls like guys who know what they want and this is much better than the E-man “would you like to go out sometime and see… I dont know , what do you want to see …” so have a definite idea in your mind (but of course if she really wants to see another movie it might pay to be flexible)
so worst case is she says no, maybe shes “busy” so say to her that you enjoyed the last time you went out and would like to do it again but are beginning to feel like a stalker always going to her work place, and calling etc so if she wants to go out she should give you a call. Simple, you’ve told her you enjoy being around her, but given a good reason why you wont keep calling her and now its up to her to call you (if she likes you she will call) and you can spend your time doing t-man stuff without wondering if you should be calling her.
ps: if she isnt going to call you why waste your time with her, there seriously are plenty of babes in the ocean.
Good luck and keep us posted

Hey T-men and T-vixens. I just read all your posts and I want to thank every one of you for your support. It really means a lot to me that I have you guys and I’ll never forget that. Nate Dogg, I really like your advice on taking this whole thing slow. You’re right, the more persistant I am, the more I’ll push her away.
Since we’re so busy, I don’t want to pressure her into anything. So taking this slow seems to be very logical. BTW, I’m sorry to hear about your dalmation. Ironbabe, I’ll keep in mind if the time comes, I’ll drop the romance stuff without acting like a wounded puppy. Mark, you’re right. If things don’t work out, I’ll have to force myself to let her go. It will be hard at first, but I’ll get over it. Andre, I really like your advice on not putting on a mask and acting like a phoney. I don’t think I wore a mask on our first date, but I’ll definatley keep in mind not to wear one of those things the next time I see her. Christian D. I don’t mind the insult you made of me about being pathetic when it comes to women. I took it as a nice wakeup call. Although your views on women differ from mine, I think I know what your getting at. I might be wrong, but seeing women as lesser than me will restore my confidence somehow. That way, when I approach someone, I won’t feel ebarrassed, shy, or nervous. Or you could be a joker like Rafeal. Whopper, If the second date works out well, I might have to send her carnations to her work. Thanks for the tip. I’ll definatley keep that in mind Cromagnon, I see your point in telling her how I feel because I may never have the chance again. If something happens, and I know my chances of getting with her are less than a “m*&@$#tech” product actually meeting label claims, I might tell her the feelings I have for her. This is something I have to think about though. Madcc, finding a backup should be easy. Since I don’t have my heart set on anyone but the subject of my original post, there should be a handful of babes falling from the sky. And since I don’t give a damn, they’ll be an easy target. Pretty ironic, huh? Mark, I like your advice on grabbing my balls when asking her out. Because of the situation I’m in, you know, from falling for her, my balls just curled in a fetal position from feelings of neglect. I have to wake them up. Martin, you definatley have given me enough advice to swallow. I know I have to be decisive in setting a date just like how Jay pointed out in his post. If there’s anyone who I don’t want to be, it’s E-man. I appreciate the different scenarios you’ve given me. They all seem realistic with the way things look right now. Well, I’ve got to be a T-man and get to work. Plus, of all the good advice I’ve recieved from every single one of you, I can’t back down now. When I asked this lady out earlier this week, she told me she was busy this weekend. Perhaps I should leave her alone for now, but I’ll definatley make my move. You guys have given me great advice. Because there were so many of you who’ve posted, it brought my confidence back. Thanks.

mad cc, i am in awe of your powers, you hit the nail on the head