Hardgainer Workout?

Hi Coach Christian.

I’m 6’1 / 6’2" ft tall. I’m weighing only 118 lbs. I’m a hardgainer, but I’m not quite sure if I’m the easy-hardgainer type, or the other of those hardgainer types that you mentioned on one of your articles. I’m really frustrated right now, because my workout program is on a plateau. Actually, I just read articles about specific workouts, and I am the only one who created my own program based on those articles. I am really confused as to what workout program to follow right now. I want to gain mass and strength at the same time. I plan to train 3-4 times a week. Could you help me out? Thanks.

Pick a full body routine that starts at 3 days/ week. One of my favourite programs was

Dan John’s

Don’t worry about hard gainer and all of these bullshit fitness terms; worry about perfecting the movements and progressing.

Start with eating 1 cup of oatmeal (organic rolled if possible, not that instant sugary stuff) a day and you’ll probably gain a decent amount of weight just off that if you keep that up for a solid month; obviously eating a fair sized 3 meals/day on top of that.

Used to be in your shoes, exact same height, cept I started at 116. It takes time, and patience.


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That was going to be my first recommendation.

118lbs on 6’1" IS severely underweight, honestly the issue is likely nutrition (getting enough quality food in you). You can have he best training program in the world if you don’t ingest enough nutrients to fuel muscle growth then you wont progress. Some people need a lot more nutrients/calories than others to grow. I’ve know pretty darn big guys who eat less than some figure competition girl and they grow a lot… others have to REALLY pound the nutrients day in and day out to grow.

For every thing there are outliers and while I generally agree with those who say that you don’t have to grossly overeat to gain muscle, some people actually need to.

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Yeah. Really underweight. (Thanks for the harsh compliment. XD.) I asked for your help because we’re gonna have a company basketball season, and I am assigned at Center position (the reason behind it is because, I’m the tallest, and have the longest arms in the team. I know it’s impossible for me to gain mass at this time, but could you help me out, how to toughen up and maintain position so that I will not be easily pushed back by defenders? Thank you Sir.

Well. Thanks. Actually, I always eat rice, bacon and 2 boiled eggs for breakfast. For lunch, it varies, but also with rice. For my snack, a fried banana. and for my dinner, it varies from pork,beef, fish or chicken, also with rice. Recently, I enrolled at a gym, and bought Mutant Mass, ON’s Amino, and Weider’s Creatine Capsule. What I’m only missing is the workout program ideal for me.

what is your present calorie count per day

Great advice thread for basketball…

If you want a Thib program try this in the offseason…