Body Hair removal?

Bear with me here… I figure this is the right place to ask, as many forum members are into the aesthetics of bodybuilding. How do you guys handle and manage body hair?

I have always had hairy lower body and pretty much hairless upper body, though after starting TRT hair growth on upper body has accelerated a little. I would like to reduce the hair on my body, purely for aesthetic purposes, but I’m curious if anyone has any preferred methods they swear by.

I have tried shaving, waxing and I also got a decide called ‘mood’ which is an at home laser hair removal device. My goal is basically to eradicate body hair on upper body, and to reduce it in Lower body (honestly eradicating lower body would be fine too).

Any ideas?

I have relatively light body hair. It is not coarse. My very first contest I did no hair removal, not knowing anything. What little body hair I did have looked like an aura in the posing lights. Gotta learn somehow. I sure felt stupid, but I consider it funny now. Over the years I tried a few different methods of hair removal, i.e., shaving, Nair (cream removal in the 1970’s), and clippers.

By the 1980’s I settled on clippers at the closest setting (no guard). I only did hair removal for contests.

There is a nuance for hair removal for contests. In my case, the removal usually causes a slight inflammation on the skin. This is an unacceptable result. I once shaved the night before a contest, and I looked smoother than before the shave. I learned to never remove hair “just” before the contest. Because my body hair grew slowly, I usually clipped the hair the Sunday before the contest. What little growth was unnoticeable and the inflammation had completely subsided a couple days before the contest.

I suppose that my cycling AAS for decades caused increased body hair growth, but it was still manageable through my last contest. I figured, what isn’t broke, doesn’t need fixing.

Clippers are my preference, but I would have been willing to try some new technology if it is available.

Not for bodybuilding purposes, but I’ve found that a razor (not a clipper/automatic one) is easiest to get rid of hair with. Nair and the off-brand versions have never worked particularly well for me.

I’ve heard great things about epilators, but I bought one and it’s painful as fuck. In the long run, I’ll probably get electrolysis.

Do not smear this over your whole chest, including your nipples, because it’s your first time using it and didn’t realize you can lactate blood for a week and ruin all your shirts.

Or so I heard …

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I have a girl in NY that shaves me. I have had trouble finding similar service in other cities. On my own, I use small clippers but struggle with my back.

I do full upper body laser hair removal every 6 weeks. Unfortunately testosterone over powers it so it’s never permanent. I get a good deal from the practitioner so it’s not too bad. It hurts a good bit on my neck and cheek area.

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You’ve used it?

I used regular nair back in the day.

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Way, way, WAY back in the day I tried Nair. I didn’t care for it. It broke my skin out pretty badly and didn’t really do a great job (for me). My chest is pretty hairy and it didn’t go well.

I also tried an epilation device, again, not great results.

There was one hair removal cream I tried that worked well. It was marketed towards bodybuilders and it was a whole kit. Came with a pretreat cream to protect the skin, the hair removal cream, then a spray that was supposed to retard hair regrowth. This was 20+ years ago. I don’t remember the brand name, but it was the only hair removal cream that I ever had good results with.

I’ve just come to terms with my “Wookey-ness” in my old age, as long as the hair in my ears doesn’t eclipse that on my chest.