Hair loss

Are there any type II AAS (non AR mediated effects) that don’t cause hair loss? Seems like the ones that don’t cause hair loss…deca/anavar…equi to an extent…are all type I.

I am reluctant to say this because it sounds so self-serving, but the only anabolics I can think of that I’ve never heard hair-loss complaints for are 4-AD and nor-4-AD. So I have wondered if perhaps they simply lack the activities that cause hair loss (androgen-receptor mediated, and also the particular non-androgen-receptor mediated one that androSTANEdiol is active in; if there are others I don’t know specifically.)

Actually when 4-AD was first introduced as an oral product, there were a few people screaming that huge amounts of hair fell out instantly, but after that initial paranoia, I never heard it again with regard to the oral product, and have never heard it with regard to Androsol or Nandrosol either, though Biotest has sold quite a lot of bottles by now.

Also, when androgens give me hair loss, I also get scalp soreness. Not unreasonable, since inflammatory and immunological response attacking the hair follicles is supposed to be the cause of the hair loss. I’ve noticed that neither Androsol nor Nandrosol give me scalp soreness, but every other androgen has.

I am NOT saying for sure that Androsol and Nandrosol cannot have that adverse side effect. I’m just saying, I’m starting to suspect that they may not.

Oxandrolone causes hair loss. So does Equipoise. So do, as far as I know, all Class I steroids. Deca no doubt would at high dose, but at moderate doses is easy on the hair because, unlike other steroids, it is largely deactivated in the scalp by 5alpha-reductase.