Nandrosol and DHN?

Although Nandralone is reduced via 5-AR to the less potent DHN therefore diminishing negative effects to hair and skin, does 19-NAD in its unconverted state have less affinity for those receptors than 4-AD and is that what accounts for its fewer side effects?

We don’t know. Believe it or not, NONE of the pharmaceutical steroids have published scientific studies on their effects on hair or skin, same for 4-AD and nor-4-AD.

Medicinal chemists in the field, back when new
anabolic steroids were actually being created
(they haven’t been for decades) used an animal assay where they assumed that effect on the prostate was indicative of all adverse side effects. This isn’t true.

We know from these assays that 4-AD and testosterone are, within experimental error,
equally potent in the prostate of the rat,
and also equally potent in the levator ani
muscle. Nor-4-AD shows the property of being
relatively much less potent in the prostate
than it is in the levator ani muscle. This
is taken as a sign of reduced “androgenicity”
and it’s usually not that unreliable.

So, if we bet that the prostate makes a good prediction for effect on hair, nor-4-AD has less effect. My personal feeling, quite strongly, is that this assay absolutely blows it for effect on hair: there are things going on in hair that aren’t going on in the prostate and vice versa.

It’s very striking to me that while Sustanon
doses giving the kinds of gains Androsol do
always get a substantial percentage of comments of guys freaking out over their hair loss, this just has not been happening with Androsol. And, while most anabolic steroids make my scalp sore (I have the genetics for MPB, and a large part of this phenomenon is an inflammatory immune response) I don’t get that with Androsol. I am not saying that I think Androsol gives you an immunity card on the hair, not at all. I am saying that it definitely seems way easier than an equally-effective dose of T is.

Whether nor-4-AD itself is yet easier on the hair, I don’t know. But I do know that you’re going to be swapping the high normal levels of testosterone you get with Androsol for comparable levels of nandrolone. These T levels of Androsol, or for that matter normal levels, slowly cause MPB to progress regardless of whether it came from your testicles or a supplement). Not enough to give me scalp soreness, not enough that these 2 weeks really seem any different from any other 2 weeks while not on the supplement in terms of hair, but still, there’s an effect. Nandrolone however will have much less effect and so in this regard, Nandrosol will surely be yet easier on the hair.