I was taking soy protein (50 grams/day) for a 40 day period during a religious fast in addition to andro supplementation. Now I have a slight case of bitch-tits in the lower region of my pecs (from the nipples downwards). How can I disintegrate this tissue? PLEASE HELP - I only recently did any research on the negatives of soy… I’LL NEVER TAKE THAT CRAP AGAIN, HELP ME BURN OFF THE BITCH TITS! Should I pound out crazy reps for decline bench presses or do lots of lower-grip cable crossovers? I can’t afford surgery, are there any supplements out on the market that will do the trick, what are good techniques for this problem??? HELP!

Flax seed oil might help. Exercise will NOT.
Dieting will just lessen the subcutanoues fat
and do nothing for the gyno lump itself. It might seem logical that Clomid might help
but I don’t know that that is so… it’s
excellent for preventing worsening but as
for reversing existing gynecomastia, I don’t
know. Andractim cream, not available in the
US, is supposed to help.