GVT 2000 Questions

I plan on beginning the new year with a bang by starting with GVT 2000. However I have some questions.

  1. What excatly is the “standing/stiff deadlift from blocks”? How high should these blocks be? I’m a bit confused due to individual differences (some are more flexible than others…different block heights?)

  2. Excatly how should I warm up before the first work set? (Ex. 1 set of 30% for 10 reps and 1 set of 60% for 6 reps?)


It’s simply a stiff-leg deadlift standing on something to elavate you so you can really get a good stretch–more so than if yo were standing on the floor.(see Ian King’s 12 weeks of pain for a picture) I warm up with 1set-8-10,1set-6,1set-4,1set-1-2 reps—your building up to your working weight,so the last set is close to 80-85% of 1st work set–sometimes I’ll do more warm-up sets–your goal is to perfprm at or close to your max. so don’t fatigue yourself either(light weights)

Oh, just another thought-- after years of w/o, I’ve found that a GOOD warm-up session leads to a much more productive w/o–I’m stronger,more intense-----Hence,better results. Now go & GROW bro!!