Growth Surge phase 2

I have gained over 13 lbs in the first 9 days of the phase 2. Ive pretty much followed all the recommendations for training, diet, and supplements perfectly. over the long weekend, i found myself knocking down 40’s three of the nights, but accounted for this in my carbohydrate totals. i know booze is supposed to suppress t, but androsol has jacked me up enough that it seems any effect drinking has right now is probably trivial. my BF has gone from 7% to 8.5% eating 5200 calories a day. my questions lies in that since fat only accounts for about 3 of the 13 lbs in those 9 days, how where the hell is the other weight going? I dont feel all that bloated, and ive watched sodium intake so that i dont get unrealistic, temporary weight gain. how much of the remaining 10 lbs. is probably muscle, water?

Hey great job there! Regarding the extra weight along with muscle and water you probably have a lot of additional glycogen storage in your muscles which is a good thing.

I’ll bet that’s least 5-6 pounds of lean muscle, the rest water and glycogen, plus maybe a little fat.