I just had a question about classic GROW! Do you need to blenderize it or does it dissolve well enough into water/milk that you only need to stir it? Thanks.

I have never tried to stir it. But, I use a shaker and it mixes very well. No lumps. You can get a shaker for about 3 bucks at various online sources.

I use a shaker, and that works great. I would invest in one of those if you have not already. I have not tried the spoon and cup method.

Stirring my not be enough, but a shaker works well, no clumps either.

GROW blends easier than any other powder I have tried. I did find that I found it way too thick to be enjoyable the first time I mixed it with milk, however. I just stick to ice cold water.

I use a spoon and cup when I’m away from home and there’s no blender in the motel room. That method works well enough, but I prefer to blend my Grow! where possible.

Just stirred myself some LC Grow 5 minutes ago here at work with h20