Grow! and Shakers

I started using regular Grow! a couple months ago, and love it. My problem is when I use it in a shaker the powder clumps in the courners. Anyone have any ideas? (No I will not bring a blender around with me everywhere, that’s just silly)



Add the water first, then powder, swirl a bit to get it all wet and then start shaking.

Get a shaker with a plastic mesh screen that slips between the domed lid. I have two of these from Nutrition Express and I have no problems with clumps or lumps.

P.S. Low-Carb Grow! dissolves better than any protein I have ever drank.

Wow, I’m a retard. Thanks, that worked well.

I always add 180z sometimes 20 ounces, because i dont like it as think i like that lot of then new flavors dont come out as thick as the old Grow! use too, never had a problem with it clumbing up, ever, no matter if used the mesh screen which i dont ever use or have those shakers that come with the screen, lol