I’ve been using Grow! religiously for the past year and haven’t had a problem with it until just recently. I started drinking 4 packets daily, one first thing in the morning, 2 post-workout, and one before bed. By drinking 4 daily I have tons of gas. Plus, since I consume so much fiber and eat so much I’m bloated all the time. The gas I believe is due to the 4 packets of Grow! daily. These last 3 days I haven’t been using Grow! (I ran out) and I’ve felt a lot better, definitely less gas. I’ve also lowered my caloric intake to about 3000 (unintentionally) and I am less bloated. The only positive side I can see to eating so much is that I’m less cranky. Any suggestions to help with my gas? I am not giving up Grow! and want to continue using it at 4 times daily. I’m thinking some lactaid pills and some gas-x. Help before my fiance kills me.

I get 4 packets routinely per day (MPR Diet) and never have that problem. BUT, I mix them with water. Are you using milk? I tried to drink a gallon of milk per day once (old Super Squats program) and had the gas problem, too.

Dude, buy some Pro Biotics at GNC. It is Acidophilus. Works great for me. It’s not the GROW, any MRP or protein shake taken 3-4 times a day causes this for some.

thanks JRR, i’ll give it a try. Paul, i drink my Grow! with water.

I personally use one lactaid tablet, one digestive enzyme tablet and one acidophilus tablet every time I take any form of MRP or protein drink and this seems to help. You may also watch out if you add any additional fiber to your drinks; that stuff really makes me “combustable” if you know what I mean! Adding a piece of fruit to your drinks provides natural fiber and has enabled me to eliminate the “sawdust”…

I’ve got a somewhat bizarre solution for ya… “chew” your shake… I was intolerant to protein shakes until I stated chewing them… Physiologically, digestive enzymes are secreted whenever the mouth moves… Just a natural process, I suppose.