Guys, I got some issues. I recently began a bulking stage and now find myself with some mad gas. I only eat around 3200 cals a day right now coming from 35% protein, 30% fat, and 35% carbs. My fiber intake isn’t that high, 20-25 g. Do you think it’s because my body is still adjusting to the new levels at which I am feeding it? Will it go away? Is there anything I can take to minimize the poison that I release from my ass? Please help. I will outline my entire diet if necessary.

I also suffer from this problem and would like some professional input. Bino, anyone???

It depends what you have recently changed in your diet and how good your digestion is. I would try PLANT BASED broad spectrum digestive enzymes (a very good one is called simulase by Tyler encapsulations). I have no financial interest in Tyler.

I dont feel like Im growing unless Ive got that pure sulphur and nitrogen gas. To maximise this gas, have metamucil with some of your shakes. Oh sorry … what was the question again?

Take 1-2 Simethicone tablets, thats the active in Gas-X and Mylanta Gas tablets. Try Beano and digestive enzymes too, see what combo works best.