Great Acne reducing suggestions for those of you on T cycles

I’ve read over and over how many of you have Acne problems when using Testosterone-based (or even other less androgenic AAS)gear. I thought I’d share what works for me: Tetracycline 500 mg capsule EOD, Metagenics Mycellized Vitamin A - 15 drops with O.J.(5000 IU per drop–that’s 100% of the USRDA)

This takes care of Acne in the following way: A. The Mycellized Vitamin A dries up your skin (much like Accutane, which is a vitamin A derivative, but has hair loss associated with it so I would stay away from Accutane), and should only be used at these levels while on a cycle, since it becomes toxic if used for extended periods. You can subtitute with a 1500% USRDA intake of any Vitamin A pills, the drops just make it more convenient and faster.
B. The Tetracycline is an antibiotic, preventing the infections, aka Acne, (that’s all Acne really is–infections on your skin caused by skin bacteria and body oil coming together in your pores).

I take Tetracycline year-round since I have a bad Acne problem even without gear. So for those of you who normally wouldn’t get Acne, I imagine the results would even be better.

Oh, and stay as far away from Salycitic Acid (Oxy/Noxema/etc) and Benzoyl Peroxide (Clearasil)-based over the counter products. They’re useless, irritate your skin, clog up your pores, and are a pain to apply. I should know, I used them as a teenager until I finally had Tetracycline medicated to me, which worked wonders (I’m 26 now, and still get Acne if I get off the Tetracycline – so I can vouch that long-term use of Tetracycline is safe). I get mine for $15 for a bottle of 100 qty/500 mg capsules in Tijuana. You would need to get a prescription for it in the U.S.

First of all tetracycline doesnt seem to do much for cystic acne for the majority of users whereas Accutane definitely does. And secondly your advice about salicylic acid is a polar opposite to that of Bill Roberts suggestions.

I use salycylic acid and if I don’t I get huge clogged pores and zits. I use Neutrogena “clean and clear” something like that. Maybe it’s a better brand but I swear by it.

Chris, you’re probably right about the Accutane being effective for cystic acne, I don’t have that type of acne (most people don’t–they get the type with “heads”). I have high respect for Bill Roberts (and Brock as well)–they’re advice is excellent both here and in the meso site. That’s exactly why I thought I’d post this when all I ever saw recommended were the teenage zit cures “salycilic acid” and “benzoyl peroxide” being recommended. Go to any high school and you’ll see a ton of kids with zits walking the halls, and almost all of them use Oxy, Clearasil, and the like. That stuff only works on very minor cases of acne. Bill Roberts himself mentioned that he stays away from Testosterone AAS gear since he gets uncontrollable acne with it. I believe it’s uncontrollable only because he’s using Salycilic Acid to fight it, if he were to try my regimen, I think he could start throwing some unbeatable Sustanon in his cycles.

i think a lot of steroid users do get cystic acne actually. anyways, bill does not recommend benzoyl peroxide and I believe he recommended to stay away from it. his ideal would be salicylic powder in an androsol bottle and spray on a heavy coat.

Mark, by the way, I have used topical Isotrex, which is isotretinoin. It doesn’t work as well topically as it does orally (Accutane) but I would think it should work as well as the Vitamin A you are recommending. It helped me a little, and therefore is worth having “in the arsenal” for facial acne, but for me it is not a cure-all.

It is impractical for body acne in my opinion.

Mark, aren’t there potential problems with chronic use of an antibiotic? For example, the development of highly resistant strains of bacteria, killing off the flora in the gut, etc. I’ve never heard of an antibiotic drug being used 365 days a year, year after year.

Pantothenic acid works pretty well as does the salicylic acid recommendation of Bill. I would not want to be on oral antibiotics for that long because they are liver toxic, as is accutane. If you are using any alkylated steroids I would definitely avoid these. On a side note, Nizoral seems to be helping quite a bit on the most broken out areas.