Glute/Hip Injury


I’ve been having some pain in my right upper glute area, but I’ve been training consistently w/o any change.

I took a break last week when it became quite a discomfort, but despite some foam rolling, it didn’t get any better. The first time I tried some SMR with a tennis ball and a swimming noodle it relieved the pain pretty well, but it seems these days I can’t seem to relieve the pain as much with anything, even an actual foam roller.

The pain pretty much occurs when I try to bend my back forward, especially when I stand on my right leg. The pain is localized around my right upper butt, but it’s hard to pinpoint since it seems to be deep. Anyway, after yesterday’s workout it became worse, so I’m probably gonna have to give up heavy deadlifting/rowing for now since they require me to bend my back forward.

Does anyone know what might be wrong, or what I can do to help with rehab besides foam rolling?

Of course I have no idea if our injuries are the same, but I have had pain in the same area for quite a while now. Here are some of the things I do:

Stretch hammies and hip flexors several times a day

Replace back squats with front squats and lunges - seem to put less pressure on the area for some reason. Also have not deadlifted in a long time now.

Foam roller the area at least once a day. After it was mentioned in an article here, I found a lacrosse ball and use it some. Brutal, but effective in getting to the knot I feel above my hip.

For cardio, I’ve gone to HIIT on a stationary bike. Treadmills and other stuff were making it hurt. Bike feels great. I’ve also done some swimming, which I truly suck at, but it feels good.

This last one is pretty strange. Several times a day, I’ll place my hand on one knee and my elbow against the other, while seated. I’ll press my knees together against my forearm until my hip gives a little popping sound. I have no idea if this is really a good idea, but it gives me instant relief.

It’s getting better slowly. I’ll be interested to read any other input you might get.