Glucosamine and Chondroitin

My dad is an old, banged up athlete who experiences a lot of muscle and joint pain from all the years of being active. He is soon to be 55 yrs. old and is on a diruretic along with blood pressure medication. My question is, I was thinking about putting him on a combo of glucosamine and chondroitin, but will the diruretic effect the glucosamine in any way?

Avoid the glucosamine and stick to chondroitin sulfate (500mg three times a day for average wt person or 500 mg X 4 if he weights e.g. 200lbs) and MSM. See recent article…not sure it may have been by Cy Willson on problems with glucosamine. Vitamin C is crucial also e.g. 500 mg ASCORBATES not ascorbic acid several times /day.

Scott, couldn’t find the article you refer to. What sort of problems? BTW, Colgan says that chondroitin is of uncertain use because it gets digested. He has however retracted earlier statements saying it was of no use at all because there is some evidence that the digested components may get reassembled or some such. That said, I always use glucosamine as a precaution although I’m not yet as old as your dad, tsbball! A while back I injured the tendon on my left supraspinatus and I had run out of glucosamine. It seemed to me that I wasn’t recovering. Then two weeks later I bought some more glucosamine and bingo! My injury started to heal. I wouldn’t have thought that the diuretic would hurt, but I don’t have any experience to apply.

FWIW, in his article Cy Wilson states that use of glucosamine results in insulin insensitivity. He states that chrondoitin should be used in its stead.

Glucosamine if use chronically can cause insulin insensitivity which means if you eat too much carbs, you will gain fat easily.
It is similar to Type II diabetes.
Glucosamine studies are more than Chondroitin. However, there are a few studies done on glucosamine about the problem. I think the article by Cy Wilson is somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks ago. I think you can find it.

Alright fellas, apparently you must think I’m stupid. My dad is not a body builder, nor does he plan on being one in the future. He’s 55 and just looking for a way to ease his aches and pains. I didn’t ask for your opinion on what you thought of glucosamine, I want to know if the diuretic he is taking will effect how the glucosamine works. And no, I’m not a newbie to t-mag.

To further elaborate on my question, here is a citation from Cy’s article, “Considering that glucosamine serves as a substrate for, and enhances the production of, proteoglycans (proteoglycans are vital components of articular cartilage that attract water molecules in order to stay healthy), it makes sense that it might inhibit deterioration of cartilage.” The attracting water part is the issue. Since he is taking the diuretic, will the glucosamine still be as effective?

ok…about that thing chondroitin being digested… it doesnt matter because it works!
leave the rest to the science guys.