Getting Large

T-men- Can you guys recommend a good 3 or 4 month longth program for building muscle? I’m tall and lean and would like to put on at least 15 or 20 solid pounds during my next bulking phase. For me, steroids aren’t an option put I do plan to eat more calories than I’ll need(probably the pound o week diet). Is it really true I’ll need to stop doing cardio? How long/often should the lifting sessions run? If you could steer me in the right direction regarding sample workouts here on the site that have had good feedback that would be killer! Thanks.

Ian King has a few 12-week programs in the previous issues. Try those. Or maybe give the Growth Surge Project a shot. There are 3 phases, one in each of the past few issues. That ones got diet & supplement recommendations… check it out.

Another option is Charles Staley’s Convergent Phase Training. Between that and one of Ian King’s programs, you should be set for the next six months or so.