At what point does one consider themselves a genetic freak? I hear people complaining about being a hardgainer, but what about people who put on muscle easily. I used to think I was a hardgainer, I weighed 150 pounds when I graduated from high school 10 years ago, 6 years ago coming out of college I was only 200 pounds. I am now 268 pounds at 10% bodyfat, I am 6-5. The strongest supplement I have used in the past is creatine. My diet sucks, I’ll admit it, a bag of chips is dinner some nights. My protein intake is way to low. I workout for 45-60 minutes 4 or 5 times a week and no cardio. It makes me wonder how I’d look if I got my diet in gear and supplemented a little better. Every time I think I can’t get any bigger or stronger, I do. I know I’ll probably get stoned for being an easy gainer now, but I used to be a hardgainer, so for some of you it could change. I think I just have great genetics for getting big, because I am a lot heavier than most people would guess. Any other easy gainers out there?

To decide whether or not it’s genetics, just take a look at your family. If it’s genetics, you’ll notice that the males on one or both sides of your family have a naturally strong and muscular physique. Also, what’s your ethnic background? I know it’s taboo these days to talk about such things, but it explains a lot. Tall and slender Nordics tend not to be muscular. Alpines and Mediterraneans such as Italians tend to be strong and stocky. Negroes tend to be very lean and cut, and I’ve met some blacks who look like professional body builders who have never touched a weight in their lives. If you take into account your family and racial background, it won’t be hard to figure out what kind of genetic make up you have.

At your height I would not consider you a freak
until you break 400lb at less than 10% fat. Ruhl is only 5-11 and comes in at 285 in contest shape. Kovacs is 6-1 390Lb.

I agree with Jason…I’m Italian, and have always put on decent muscle mass and strength easily, but it’s as hard as hell for me to get lean! Must be all the pasta! =)

i don’t think you have to have a natural muscular build, may be naturally strong, but you don’t have to be that strong, my family, my uncle, my father, and most others were all fairly skinny when they grew up, but they were pretty strong, none of them lifted weights, and ended up to be a pretty big size, not just fat, i’m the only one out of em that lifts, and i started off skinny, about 125 lbs, that was 5 years ago, now i’m about 215, solid muscle, and pretty strong too, i don’t want to brag.

Anyone who is 6-5 and 268 is blessed trust me, so from the bottom of my heart-you suck!!

p.s. I don't really mean that I'm just jealous

yeah, but do you have .33% bodyfat?

I look at my family and I am the only one over 6-1 (a cousin), and the only one over 200 pounds. My parents are 5-7 and 5-10. So looking at my family I don’t see where it would come from. As far as Wolfgang is concerned, the guys he listed are heavy roid users and I don’t count that as being genetically gifted. It just seems like when I eat a good diet I start to lose mass and strength, the worse I eat the better my gains are. Am I lucky? Cursed?