Gas Problem

I am on a very high protein diet. I consume about 300 to 400 grams of protein a day. Unfortuantely, I am paying the price with unbelievably bad gas. Is there anything I can do to help control this problem?

What are your protein sources?

Buy Solary digestive capsules and have one with every meal. Drink peppermint tea. Buy some Gas-X at the drug store. Chew your food well and eat plain yogurt.
From personal experience, I have found a quality Goldenseal supplement helps to relieve bloating and gas (but this supplement should only be cycled short term).

Dad, is that you? When did you start training? And my girlfriend suggests a cork.


If you consume a lot of protein powders, you might want to take Udo’s choice with them. Dr. Udo recommends you mix an oil blend (like Udo’s Choice) with your protein shakes to soften your stools. Since your protein intake is pretty high, the digestive enzymes could benefit in aiding that extra protein. I would also recommend taking a fiber supplement that contains Fibersol 2. That way, you can shit out the bacteria giving you the bad gas and bloatiness. I’ve also heard of this new underwear you have to special order that contains a filter besides your butt when you wear it. As you pass gas, the underwear will filter out the smell. But it doesn’t do anything about the noise. So if SBD is your problem, you might want to look into these.

Take a high casein protein powder, add 100 grams of straight creatine, and one can of Boston Baked Beans, and blend… eat this three times per day. JUST PLAYIN’!!! That would be biological warfare! Sorry guy, but some supps do this, like creatine loading…

Swith to a blended protein. Lean Mass brand stopped my gas. Designer brand was the worst.