Protein & Gas

Ever since I have upped my protein intake, I have HORRIBLE gas. Like, horribly smelling gas! I take a super enzyme every day, but it’s not helping. Anyone else experience this? How can I combat this?

What proteins are you using for the increase? If you’re doing more eggs, dairy and/or protein powders, that could be the issue.

I use Pro30G protein as well as Metabolic Drive. I have always eaten a lot of eggs.

But if you’ve increased any of those things or added additional dairy products, those might be the culprits.

Vegan protein powder might help?

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I gotta figure that’s going to have the exact opposite of intended effect: whatever is in the powder will need to get digested, and vegan protein sources tend to be pretty gas inducing.

Figure out what you’re having trouble digesting and cut THAT out. One of the easiest ways to not have foul smelling gas is to not have gas.

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I just feel like it’s the protein powder that’s causing it and I can’t eliminate protein powder from my nutrition.


So you’ve answered your own question. You know what’s causing it, and you’re unwilling to stop using it.

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Just stumped on how to get back the protein macros that protein shakes provide.

Egg whites

Chicken breast

Piedmontese grassfed sirloin


There are many nearly pure protein food sources out there.

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lol, welcome to the high protein lifestyle! When your farts smell like the shaker bottle you haven’t opened for a few days.

Whole foods are ideal as others have mentioned, but I agree it can be hard to manage total calorie intake and balance protein needs without shakes.

Quality matters and higher quality brands of protein generally cause less digestive issues and gas.

Milk derived powders are essentially just concentrated milk reconstituted in water, with a favorable protein to sugar/fat ratio. You may have an issue with milk products. Not intending to detract from Biotest, but there are a lot of options out there now from veggie based proteins to beef hydrolysates. You may have a better experience moving away from milk.

Careful with eggs. The sulphur can be downright demonic in high quantities.


Powders or foods ?

I ALWAYS include a fat component with my protein. Do you ever take just pure protein ?

Very frequently. I shared with you that post of mine where I discuss that. I employ a protein sparing modified fast on all weekdays.

Ah… must’ve overlooked that. Thanks. What’s your go-to ?

Metabolic Drive.

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Looove the chocolate. Still occasionally use Muscle Provider by Beverly with some hvy cream

I use the vanilla for the majority of the time, since it has 1 fewer gram of carbs, but I’ll break out the chocolate during gaining phases.

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Just straight ? Never had vanilla. Still just beef, whole eggs, egg white liquids, and Mass Aminos